2013 Visitors

2013 Visitors

Visiting Scholars

Loic Correnson
CEA-LIST Institute Software Security Lab, France; Formal Methods and Software Validation

Meredith Elrod
University of Virginia, United States; Atmospheric Waves in Both the Atmospheres of Titan and Mars

Aaron Katz
Utah State University, United States; Multi-grid Developers for Strand Grids in CREAT AV

Soshi Kawai
Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan; Wall Modeling

H. Alicia Kim
University of Bath, United Kingdom; Aero-Structural Topology Optimization for Fixed Wing

Mark Lowenberg
University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of the Generic Transport Model

Paolo Masci
University of York, United Kingdom; Formal Methods Technologies for Verification and Validation Software

John McDermid
University of York, United Kingdom; Software Assurance and Dependability

Masahiko Miyauchi
Kaneka Corporation, Japan; High Temperature Composite Matrix Resins

Toshiharu Mizukaki
Toque University, Japan; Advanced Measurement Techniques for Wind Tunnel Measurement

Camilo Rocha Nina
Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria, Colombia; Symbolic Reachability Analysis for PLEXIL

Axel Schwoeppe
DLR-German Aerospace Center, Germany; Computational Fluid Dynamics

Sudip Sen
Lancaster University, United Kingdom; Nowcast of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation for Aviation Safety

Koji Shimoyama
Tohoku University, Japan; Wall Modeling

Christian Urban
Kings College, United Kingdom; Verification of Clock Algorithms

Daniele Versino
Los Alamos National Laboratory, United States; Solid Mechanics, Composite Modeling


Visiting Students

Christopher Brampton
University of Bath, United Kingdom; Structural Optimization of Carbon Fiber Plates

Erika Brattich
University of Bologna, Italy; Comparison between the NASA GMI Chemistry and Transport Model

Alejandro Campos
Stanford University, United States; Turbulence Modeling for Separated Flows

William Denman
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; Formal Methods

Angel Flores-Abad
New Mexico State University, United States; Dynamics and Control

Stephen Gill
University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of the Generic Transport Models

Victor Guana
University of Alberta, Canada; Code Generation through Model Driven Engineering

Min He
Stevens Institute of Technology, United States; Surface Parameter Retrieval from CALIPSO Data

Ben Hillery
Brigham Young University, United States; Software Verification – DiSE Analysis

Naeem Huque
University of Illinois, United States; Fracture Mechanics

Antoni Kopyt
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland; Human Machine Systems

Yunlong Liao
University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico; Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Nitride Nanomaterials

Pierre Neron
INRIA-French Institute for Research in Computer Science, France; Formal Methods

Han-Hsun Lu
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan; Dynamics and System Identification of Spinning Membrane

Theodorus Ooijevaar
University of Twente, The Netherlands; Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Structures

M. Francesca Pernice
University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Investigation of Damage Mechanisms in Composite Laminates

Carlos Sarrado
University of Girona, Spain; Adhesive Analysis in Composite Structures

Bart Welling
Technische University, The Netherlands; Material Science



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