2015 Visitors

2015 Visitors

Visiting Scholars

Mauricio Ayala-Rincon
University of Brazil, Brazil; Formal Methods

Marco Campi
University of Brescia, Italy; Experience-Based Optimization: The Scenario Approach/An Intro to Scenario Optimization

David Darmofal
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States; Strategy of CFD Vision 2013 Implementation

Kenneth Jansen
University of Colorado-Boulder, United States; CFD of High Lift Systems

Paolo Masci
Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom; Modeling and Analysis of Avionics Systems

Jan Nordstrom
Linking University, Sweden; Computational Mathematics

Markus Ritter
German Aerospace Center, Germany; Aeroelasticity

Magnus Svard
University of Bergen, Norway; Non-linear Numerical Analysis/CFD

Qiqi Wang
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States; Computational Fluid Dynamics; High Fidelity Design Optimization

Nail Yamaleev
North Carolina A&T University, United States; High-Order Entropy Stable Spectral Collocation Schemes


Visiting Students

Patrick Blonigan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States; Computational Fluid Dynamics, High Fidelity Design Optimization

Frederic Gilbert
French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation, France; Formal Methods

Rainer Groh
University of Bristol, United Kingdom; Application of the Refined Zigzag Theory of Damage Modeling of Laminated Composites

Sangwon Hyun
Carnegie-Mellon University, United States; Statistics and Optimization

Georges-Axel Jaloyan
Ecole Normal Supérieure, France; Computer Science

Piergiuseppe Mallozzi
Universita di Pisa, Italy; Development of Formal Methods—PVS Research



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