10.24.16 Herraez

10.24.16 Herraez

Topic: Intralaminar Fracture Toughness Characterization: A Computational Micromechanics Perspective

Speaker: Miguel Herraez, NIA Visitor

Date: Monday, October 24, 2016

Location: NASA/LaRC, Bldg. 1148, Room 242

Time: 11:00am

Host: Andrew Bergen, NASA/LaRC

Abstract: This work is embedded in the multiscale strategy developed by IMDEA Materials Composites Group which pursues the prediction of the ply properties through computational micromechanics of fibre-reinforced composites. Although different valid numerical models are available to obtain the stiffness and strength of a ply, the values of the toughness associated with each ply fracture mode cannot be accurately predicted yet.

In this study, a numerical methodology to compute the intralaminar fracture toughness under transverse tension of fibre reinforced materials has been developed. This procedure combines the small-scale yielding theory and computational micromechanics to obtain the R-curve of the microstructure. The R-curve provides not only the stationary fracture energy value, but also additional features like the characteristic length of the fracture process zone (FPZ). Some parametric studies were performed to quantify the effect of the constituent properties, and the influence of the fibre shape and its distribution along the composite section. Finally, this characteristic R-curve was translated into a cohesive law which was applied on a fully homogeneous model (mesoscale) accomplishing identical results in a larger length scale model (ply level).

Bio: Mr. Miguel Herraez (BSc Industrial Engineering, University Carlos III of Madrid, 2012) is a PhD student at IMDEA Materials Institute (Madrid, Spain). His PhD research involves the application of computational micromechanics to the bottom-up multiscale strategy followed by the group. Prior to pursuing his Phd, he completed his BSc project at West Virginia University under the supervision of Ever J. Barbero working in the manufacturing, characterization, and simulation of composite laminates.



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