10.28.16 Goetze

10.28.16 Goetze

Title: Crashworthy Material Models in LS-Dyna to Predict Damage and Failure in the Simulation of Aircraft Seats

Speaker: Dr.-Ing. Dirk Goetze, Stress Engineer bei Recaro Aircraft Seating, Germany

Date: Friday, October 28, 2016

Location: NIA, Room 101

Time: 10:00am

Abstract: Reduced lead times, hard weight targets, increasing cost pressure with a maximum of passenger comfort and safety are some aspects that have to be considered during the development process of aircraft seats. Among many other regulations the dynamic certification tests are one of the most complex tests that have to be performed. In order to have a light and robust seat the simulation of the dynamic certification tests becomes more and more important. At RECARO the commercial FE-code LS-Dyna is used. The presentation gives an overview how got get crashworthy material models especially for aluminum materials for aircraft seat applications. It shows, depending on the task, which material models can be used and which material properties are necessary to predict damage and failure.


10/1997-03/2003 Studies of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany

07/2002-03/2003 Research stay at ICASE / NIA (Diploma Thesis)

04/2003-04/2010 Research Scientist at the University of Stuttgart

Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Automotive Engineering
(Chair of Automotive Engineering)

Since 05/2010    Stress Engineer at RECARO Aircraft Seating

Member of the crash simulation team

Since 10/2016   Lead Engineer Optimization

03/2011              PhD at the University of Stuttgart / Faculty of Engineering Design,
Production Engineering and Automotive Engineering

(An Inverse Method to Design Energy Absorbing Structures for Pedestrian



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