9.27.16 Pardue

9.27.16 Pardue

Title: 78th NIA CFD Seminar: Parallel Two-Dimensional Unstructured Anisotropic Delaunay Mesh Generation of Complex Domains for Aerospace Applications

Speaker: Juliette Pardue, PhD Candidate, ODU

Date: September 27, 2016

Location: NIA, Room 137

Time: 11:00am


Abstract: In this paper, we present a bottom-up approach to parallel anisotropic mesh generation by building a mesh generator from principles. Applications focusing on high-lift design or dynamic stall, or numerical methods and modeling test cases still focus on two-dimensional domains. Our push-button parallel mesh generation approach can generate high-fidelity unstructured meshes with anisotropic boundary layers for use in the computational fluid dynamics field. The anisotropy requirement adds a level of complexity to a parallel meshing algorithm by making computation depend on the local alignment of elements, which in turn is dictated by geometric boundaries and the density functions. Our experimental results show 70% parallel efficiency over the fastest sequential isotropic mesh generator on 256 distributed memory nodes.

Bio: Juliette Pardue is a PhD student in Computer Science at Old Dominion University under Dr. Andrey Chernikov and Dr. Nikos Chrisochoides. Her research interests include mesh generation, parallel algorithms, and computational geometry. She published a research note on a 2D shared-memory parallel mesh generator in the 24th International Meshing Roundtable. Later she published a paper on a 2D distributed-memory parallel mesh generator in the 45th International Conference on Parallel Processing (21% acceptance rate) where her paper won the best paper award. She is currently concluding the 2D distributed-memory parallel mesh generation work with plans to submit a journal article to IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, before moving on to work on a 3D distributed-memory parallel mesh generator.



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