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2003 Seminars

2003 Seminars

February 7 2003 “Textbook Multigrid Efficiency in Computational Fluid Dynamics” Boris Diskin, NIA Seminar
February 14 “Formal Methods, Informally: An Application to Aviation Safety” Cesar Munoz, NIA Seminar
February 21 “The Coral Project” Josip Loncaric, NIA Seminar
February 28 “Glider Flight Dynamics and Soaring Behavior in an Ambient Wind Gradient” Scott Beeler, NIA Seminar
February 28 “Counterexample-Guided Model Checking” Maria Sorea, SRI International Seminar
March 7 “Modeling Load History Effects for Compression Precracking” Mark James, NIA Seminar
March 14 “Uncertainty, Optimization and Control Synthesis” Luis Crespo, NIA Seminar
March 21 “Computational Aerodynamics Using Unstructured Meshes” Dimitri Mavriplis, NIA Seminar
March 24 “Efficient Computation of Gradients for Functionals on Transonic Flows” Eugene Cliff, Virginia Tech Seminar
March 27 “Analysis of Total Ozone Fields by Separation into Meteorological Regimes; A New Paradigm” Robert Hudson, University of Maryland Seminar
March 28 “Linear Parameter Varying Control Applications: FTC System” Jong-Yeob Shin, NIA Seminar
April 4 “Mesoscopic Approach: A Bridge Between Macro and Micro (Nano) World” Li-Shi Luo, NIA Seminar
April 11 “Design Evolution of Satellite Constellations via Staged Deployment and Orbital Reconfiguration” Olivier de Weck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Seminar
April 11 “Why Uncertainty Quantification is Vital for Dependable Design” Luc Huyse, SwRI Seminar
April 18 “Debonding in Stringer Reinforced Composite Components” Ronald Krueger, NIA Seminar
April 22 – April 25 “PVS Class 2003” Short Course
April 25 “Synthesis, Processing and Physical Properties of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites” Cheol Park, NIA Seminar
April 28 “Autonomic Healing of Polymer Composites” Nancy Sottos, University of Illinois Lecture
April 29 “Biomimetic Designs from Bones” Andrew Rapoff, University of Florida Lecture
May 2 “Asian Outflow of Ozone Pollution to the Western Pacific:   Origin and Pathways” Hongyu Liu, NIA Seminar
May 9 “Nanoporous Structure Characterization of Ultra Low-k Material for Cu Interconnect” Sang-Hyon Chu, NIA Seminar
May 14 “Mars Tumbleweed: A New Way to Explore the Surface of Mars” David Minton, North Carolina State University Seminar
May 14 “An Overview of the Active Aeroelastic Wing Flight Research Program” Rudy Yurkovich, Boeing Lecture
May 15 “Computing Complex Flows Containing Small Scales Using Vorticity Confinement” John Steinhoff, University of Tennessee Space Institute Seminar
May 16 “SPIDER: An Ultra-reliable Communication Architecture” Alfons Geser, NIA Seminar
May 19 “Sound Propagation in Slowly Varying Lined Flow Ducts of Arbitrary Cross Section” Sjoerd Rienstra, Eindhoven Univ of Tech Seminar
May 19 “Mode-matching Strategies in Slowly Varying Engine Ducts” Sjoerd Rienstra, Eindhoven Univ of Tech Seminar
May 19 “Adaptive Compensation of Actuator Failures with Applications to Aircraft Control Systems” Gang Tao, University of Virginia Seminar
May 20 “NIA Transportation Workshop” Workshop
May 23 “Electroactive Polymer-based MEMS for Aerospace Applications” Tian-Bing Xu, NIA Seminar
June 6 “An Overview of Atmospheric Sciences Research at NASA Langley” Bill Grose, NASA/LaRC Seminar
June 9 – June 11 “Thermal Stresses 2003 Conference” Conference
June 10 – June 12 “NASA’s Turning Goals into Reality Workshop (TGIR)”  Workshop
June 12 “Evaluation of Clouds in Numerical Atmospheric Models” Yali Luo, University of Utah Seminar
June 13 “Modeling of Mechanical Properties of Polymer-nanotube Composites” Sarah-Jane Frankland, NIA Seminar
June 13 “Collaborative Networked Virtual Environments in Engineering Sciences and Mechanics” Ronald Kriz & Micheal Shoemaker, Virginia Tech


June 17 “Software and Hardware Implementation of Cellular Automata for Structural Analysis and Design” Zafer Gurdal & Mark Jones, Virginia Tech Seminar
June 18 “From Automation to Autonomy:   The Case for High-Confidence Systems” Tariq Samad, Honeywell Lecture
June 20 “Rotorcraft Interactional Aerodynamics” Devon Prichard, VCES Seminar
June 27 “Experimental Mechanics at the Sub-micron Scale” Ioannis Chasiotis, University of Virginia Seminar
June 30 “Recent Laminar-Turbulent Transition Studies at ONERA” Daniel Arnal, ONERA Seminar
July 1 “Development of Wavelet-based Diagnostics for Analyzing the Turbulent Energy Cascade” Don Jordan, University of Virginia Seminar
July 8 “Resonances in Open Systems” Werner Koch, DLR Seminar
July 9 “MEGAFLOW: Numerical Flow Simulation of Complete Transport Aircraft” Cord Rossow, DLR Seminar
July 10 “Flight Testing of Anti-icing and Anti-Contamination Systems for HLFC Wings” Karl-Heinz Horstmann, DLR Seminar
July 10 “Percolative Conductivity and Impedance Spectroscopy of SWNT Polymer Composites” David McLachlan, Univ of Witwatersrand Seminar
July 11 “Development of Materials for Gossamer Spacecraft” Kent Watson, NIA Seminar
July 16 “Data Mining: Concepts and Algorithms” Jiming Peng, McMaster University Seminar
July 21 – August 1 “NIA Educators’ Workshop” Workshop
July 29 “Design and Fabrication of Nanocomposites and Functionally Graded Materials for Aerospace Applications” Hugh Bruck, University of Maryland Seminar
July 31 “Probe Design for High-throughput DNA Detection” Lorenzo Berti, University of California – Berkley Lecture
August 1 “SATS HVO: Scheduling at Non-tower, Non-radar Airports” Hanne Gottliebsen, NIA Seminar
August 7 – August 8 “2003 Bioflight Workshop” Workshop
August 14 – August 15 High Altitude Earth-Science UAV Workshop” Workshop
August 18 – August 20 Atmospheric Composition Workshop” Workshop
August 22 “The Role of Halogen Oxides in the Atmosphere – How Fast is ‘Fast?’” Darin Toohey, University of Colorado Lecture
September 4 “A Review of Multidisciplinary Design Integration and Optimization Research at Georgia Tech’s Space Systems Design Laboratory” John Olds, Georgia Tech Lecture
September 9 “A Perspective on the Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Environment” Kumar Bhatia, Boeing Lecture
September 10 “Computational Methods to Find Patterns of Human ‘Error’ and System ‘Failure’ in Mishap Reports” Christopher Johnson, University of Glasgow Lecture
September 15 “Executing Multi-disciplinary Design in a Fast-paced, Innovative Environment” Atherton Carty, Lockheed Martin Lecture
September 29 “Morphing Aircraft Viability Study” Dan Raymer, Conceptual Res Corp Lecture
September 30 “Integrated Hypersonic Aeromchanics Tool (IHAT)” Michael Munson, Navy Lecture
October 3 “The System Dynamics of Knowledge Management” Mike Stankosky, George Washington University Lecture
October 9 “Engine Design in Living Cells” Richard Linck, University of Minnesota Seminar
October 9 “Ionic Polymer Conductor Composite Materials as Distributed Nanosensors, Nanoactuators and Artificial Muscles – A Review” Mohsen Shahinpoor, University of New Mexico Lecture
October 9 – October 10 UAV Workshop” Workshop
October 20 “The Biomechanics of Flight – A More Complete Multidisciplinary Perspective on Airplane Design” John McMasters, Boeing Lecture
October 20 – October 22 “National Educators Workshop” Workshop
November 3 – November 7 “vKI Lecture Series on CFD-based Aircraft Drag Prediction & Reduction” Short Course
November 14 “Robustness of Algorithms Intended to Avoid Air Collisions” Marc Daumas, ENS Lyon Seminar
November 24 “Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Carbon Nanotube Suspensions” Howard Wang, Michigan Technological University Seminar
November 25 “A Dynamic Modeling of System Dependability” Vitali Volovoi, Georgia Tech Seminar
December 9 – December 10 Transportation Network Topologies Workshop”  Workshop
December 16 “Structural Health Monitoring Workshop” Workshop
December 19 “Automatic Differentiation Enabled High-order Newton-like Algorithms for Root-solving and Optimization” James Turner, Dynacs, Inc. Seminar

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