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Colin Britcher, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Education

Mary Catherine Bunde, M.Ed.
Senior Education Administrator

2004 Seminars

2004 Seminars

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January 14 2004 Reduced Order Models for Dynamic, Vibration, Design and Reliability  Lecture
January 20 – January 21 “Planetary Sciences Workshop” Workshop
January 30 “Issues in Optimization” Jaroslaw Sobieski, NASA LaRC Seminar
February 9 “Reliability Based Optimization of Elastic-plastic Thin-walled Beams” Rakesh Kapania, Virginia Tech Seminar
February 12 “Evolving Automotive Control Network Technologies and Their Deployment in Spacecraft” Gabriel Leen, University of Limerick Seminar
February 20 “Adaptive Structures: Status and the Future” Chris Fuller, Virginia Tech Seminar
February 27 “Advanced Ultrasonic Methods for Materials Analysis and Sensor Development” John Cantrell, NASA/LaRC Lecture
February 27 “Modeling and Control of Adaptive Structures with Shape Memory Alloys” Stefan Seelecke, North Carolina State University Seminar
March 9 “Verifying C and Java Programs” Jean-Christophe Filliatre, University of Orsay Seminar
March 18 “Toward a Formal General Intermediate Dependability Modeling Language” Robert Painter, College of William & Mary Seminar
March 25 “System Level Simulation and Scientific Investigations at the Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets” S. Balachandar, University of Illinois – Urbana- Champaign Seminar
March 29 – March 31 “CFD Validation of Synthetic Jets and Turbulent Separation Control” Workshop
April 7 “Design and Demonstration of High Authority Shape Morphing Structures” Anthony Evans, UCSB Lecture
April 12 “IEEE Systems & Information Engineering Design Symposium” Workshop
April 13 – April 14 “Trending Workshop” Workshop
April 28 “Materials Are Enabling” Kathryn Logan, Georgia Tech Seminar
May 14 “How to Do Distributed Adaptive Control” David Wolpert, NASA-Ames Lecture
May 17 “A Methodology for Aeroelastic Constraint Analysis in a Conceptual Design Environment” Peter De Baets, Georgia Tech Seminar
May 25 “Investigation of Synthetic Jet Actuator Design Parameters” Alison Flatau & Sandra Ugrina, University of Maryland Lecture
June 7 – June 8 “NIA/NASA/AIAA Short Course on Verification and Validation in Computational Simulation” Short Course
June 10 “The Limits of Automation or Why Human Operators are Needed in Complex Systems” Nancy Leveson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecture
June 14 – June 15 “NIA/NASA Short Course on Multibody Analysis of Rotorcraft Systems” Short Course
June 15 “Negotiation Mechanisms for Autonomous, Multi-UAV Coordination” Greg Godfrey, Metron Inc. Lecture
June 15 – June 16 “ECS Workshop I: Uncertainty Characterization in Systems Analysis” Workshop
June 17 – June 18 “NIA/NASA Short Course on Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing” Short Course
June 20 – June 15 “NASA/NIA/NCSGC Educator’s Workshop in NC” Workshop
June 24 “Exact Arithmetic and Non-standard Analysis” David Lester, University of Manchester Seminar
June 27 – July 2 “NASA/NIA/NCSGC Educator’s Workshop @ LaRC” Workshop
June 28 “Complex Numbers and PVS” David Lester,University of Manchester Seminar
June 30 “Hypersonic Viscous and Nonequilibrium Flow Calculations” Kun Xu, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Seminar
July 7 “Hypersonic Viscous and Nonequilibrium Flow Calculations” Dimitris Lagoudas, Texas A&M University Seminar
July 8 – July 9 “TAMU/NASA/NIA Workshop on Hypersonic Flow Research” Workshop
July 12 – July 14 NIA/NASA Short Course on Applied Statistics” Short Course
July 13 “Engineered Materials Systems for Aerospace Applications” Leo Christodoulou, DARPA Lecture
July 13 – August 5 “ECS Workshop II: Modeling & Simulation Short Course” Short Course
July 16 “A Probabilistic Treatment of Expert Opinion” Ben Thacker, SwRI Lecture
July 19 “Multidisciplinary Design Optimization under Uncertainty” Sankaran Mahadevan, Vanderbilt University Lecture
July 21 “Discovering Symmetries” Hassen Saidi, SRI International Seminar
July 21 “Modeling and Verification of Real-time Systems in SAL using Calendar Automata” Bruno Dutertre, SRI International Seminar
July 22 “Splitting Optimal Algorithms for Numerical Solutions Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations Compressible Gas and Incompressible Fluid” Victor Kovenya, Inst. Of Computational Technologies SB RAS Seminar
July 23 “Store-based Operational Semantics” Florent Kirchner, Ecole Normale Superieur Cachen Seminar
July 26 “Generating Efficient Test Sets with a Model Checker” John Rushby, SRI International Seminar
July 26 “Experiments in Agile Flight of Small Autonomous Vehicles” Eric Feron, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecture
July 26 “Morphing Aircraft Study” Dan Raymer, Conceptual Research Corp. Lecture
July 27 – July 28 “NIA/NASA Short Course on Planetary Entry, Descent, and Landing” Short Course
July 30 “The Proof Monad” Florent Kirchner, Ecole Normale Superieur Cachen Seminar
August 2 – August 3 “NIA/NASA/AIAA Short Course on Verification and Validation in Computational Simulation” Short Course
August 3 “Two Perspectives on Human-centered Robotics” Ron Arkin, Georgia Tech Lecture
August 4 “Centennial of Wright Stuff: Abbreviated Technological View of Flight, Boundary Layer and Flow Control Research (History, Present and Outlook)” Avi Seifert, Tel-Aviv University Lecture
August 4 “Why Are Airplanes Safe? A Probabilistic Perspective” Raphael Haftka, University of Florida Seminar
August 9 “First NIA/NASA Workshop for Computational Aerosciences Research” Workshop
August 10 “Comments on the Formulation of Polynomial Chaos Problems” Robert Walters, Virginia Tech Seminar
August 10 – August 12 “NIA/NASA Short Course on Safety Case Construction and Management” Short Course
August 11 “An Expert Judgement Elicitation Methodology for Quantifying Uncertainty, and MDO Using Dual Response Surfaces for Reducing Design Risk” Resit Unal, Old Dominion University Lecture
August 19 “Exact Finite Elements – From Here to Infinity” David Kennedy, Cardiff University Seminar
August 24 – August 25 “Large Space Systems Workshop” Workshop
August 31 “Discrete Optimization Software for Aiding in Transforming Organizations” James Rogers, NASA/LaRC, retired Lecture
August 31 – September 1 “NIA/NASA Short Course on Developing Interactive Software Systems” Short Course
September 3 “Statistical Validation of Computer Models” James Berger, Duke University Lecture
September 9 “”Use of Design Structure Matrices in Risk Analysis” James Rogers, NASA/LaRC, retired Lecture
September 9 “The Novel Comprehensive LDV and Wavy-wall Experiments for Improvements to Turbulence Models” Roger Simpson, Virginia Tech Seminar
September 13 “”A Multi-Parameter Approach to Impact Performance Characterization” Paolo Feraboli, University of California – Santa Barbara Seminar
September 17 – September 19 “Southeastern Workshop in Applied Sciences and Mathematics (SEAMS)’ Workshop
September 28 – October 7 “ECS Workshop III: Modeling & Simulation Short Course” Short Course
October 5 “An Engineering Perspective on Uncertainty Quantification for Qualification and Validation” Jane Booker, Los Alamos National Lab Lecture
October 6 “The Myth of Science-based Predictive Modeling” Francois Hemez, Los Alamos National Lab Lecture
October 7 “Applications of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry” Pierre La Parlouer, SETARAM Seminar
October 14 “NESC Academy Planning Workshop” Workshop
October 16 – October 20 “19th Annual National Educator’s Workshop” Workshop
October 19 “Development of Persistent, Low-Cost Tactical UAVs” Steve Sliwa, Insitu Group Lecture
October 20 “On High-Confidence Control Systems” Yong D. Song, North Carolina A&T Lecture
October 26 “Complexities and Loopholes” Eric Bonabeau,Icosystem Corp. Lecture
October 29 “Overview of Research in Adaptive Control for UAVs at Virginia Tech” Naira Hovakimyan, Virginia Tech Lecture
November 4 “CFD by First-Order PDE’s” Bram Van Leer, University of Michigan Lecture
November 5 “An Overview on DSmT for Information Fusion” Florentin Smandarache, University of New Mexico Lecture
November 5 “Applications of DSmT” Jean Dezert, ONERA Lecture
November 30 “Aerobraking at Mars-Serendipitous Atmospheric Explorers” Robert Tolson, University of Maryland Lecture
December 2 “Virtual Space Structures Using Coulomb Force Fields” Hanspeter Schaub, Virginia Tech Seminar
December 6 – December 10 “Aircraft Conceptual Design Short Course-Daniel P. Raymer” Short Course
December 7 – December 9 “Mars Exploration Workshop (RASC)” Workshop
December 8 – December 9 “Emerging Technologies Short Course (Schrage)” Short Course
December 15 “Hypersonics Workshop” Workshop
December 16 – December 17 “Emerging Technologies Short Course (Validation & Verification in Computational Simulations)” Short Course
December 16 – December 18 “Workshop on Smart Actuators and Control Systems (SACS) for the 21st Century” Workshop



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