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2005 Seminars

2005 Seminars

January 19 2005 “Probing Europa” Bill Paterson, Hampton University Lecture
January 25 – January 26 “VMASC Modeling & Simulation Short Course” Short Course
January 27 “Qualitative Robust Systems Engineering Analysis of Apollo Concepts and Architectures” Dean Bucher & David Reeves, Georgia Tech Seminar
February 4 – February 5 “Continuing the Voyage of Discovery (co-sponsor)” Short Course
February 15 “Novel Kinetic Shock-Capturing Schemes: Alternatives to the Riemann Solver” Taka Ohwada, Kyoto University Seminar
February 16 “RAQMS chemical and aerosol studies during the 2004 NASA INTEX-NA field campaign” Brad Pierce, NASA/LaRC Lecture
February 17 “Kinetic Schemes for Finite Knudsen Number Flows: Deterministic Alternatives to DSMC” Taka Ohwada, Kyoto University Seminar
March 4 “”Stochastic Response Surface Method, Automatic Differentiation, and Bayesian Approaches for Uncertainty Propagation and Parameter Estimation” Sastry Isukapalli, Rutgers University Lecture
March 14 “Wake Turbulence: do we know enough to manage the safety aspects?” Bram Elsenaar, Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory, retired Seminar
March 18 “Formal Certification for the Implementation of Elementary Functions” Sylvie Boldo, ENS Lyon Seminar
March 23 “Exploration of Jupiter and Beyond” Frances Badgenal, University of Colorado – Boulder Lecture
March 31 – April 1 “Verification and Validation Computational Simulations Short Course” Short Course
April 5 – April 7 “Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Design Short Course-Dan Raymer” Short Course
April 21 “Some Aspects of Materials by Design” James McCauley, Army Research Lab Seminar
April 25 – April 26 “Air Safety Management Course – Steve Bond” Short Course
May 3 “Non Crystalline Materials” L. David Pye, Alfred University Seminar
May 24 – May 26 “Health Monitoring and Maintenance Systems-Sam Morello” Workshop
May 24 – May 27 “NASA Langley-NIA Short Course on PVS” – Cesar Munoz Short Course
June 1 – June 3 “Flight Interactive Systems” – Sam Morello” Workshop
June 6 – June 7 “Emerging Technologies: Proper Use of Mars Atmospheric Models-Short Course” – Scot Rafkin Short Course
June 7 – June 9 “Preemptive Risk Reduction Technologies” – Sam Morello Workshop
June 17 “Quality Assessment, Verification, and Validation of Modeling and Simulation Applications” Osman Balci, Virginia Tech Seminar
June 23 “Exploring Alternataive Approaches to CFD” Dimitri Malvriplis, University of Wyoming Seminar
June 30 – July 1 “Workshop on Turbulence Closures & Applications” Workshop
July 7 “A Stable Hybrid Method for Hyperbolic Problems” Jan Nordstrom, FIO The Swedish Defense Research Agency Seminar
July 7 – August 11 “Toward Practical Scramjet Propulsion- Six session Short Course” – Griffin Anderson Short Course
July 8 “An Experimental Study of n-Heptane and JP-7 Extinction Limits in an Opposed Jet Burner” Janet Convery, North Carolina State University Seminar
July 12 “ASWING: An Integrated Simulation Model For Preliminary Aerodynamic, Structural, And Control-Law Design Of Aircraft” Mark Drela, Massachusetts Institute of Technlogy Lecture
July 12 “ASWING: An Integrated Simulation Model For Preliminary Aerodynamic, Structural, And Control-Law Design Of Aircraft” Mark Drela, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecture
July 13 “Secure Embedded Systems Need microkernels!” Stefan Petters, National ICT Australia Lecture
July 20 “Multiscale Modeling of Functionalized Nanotube Materials” Sarah Jane Frankland, NIA Seminar
July 25 “Certifiable program synthesis” Ewen Denney, NASA-Ames Lecture
July 26 “DYMORE: A Finite Element Based Tool for the Analysis of Nonlinear Flexible Multibody Sysems” Olivier Bachau, Georgia Tech Lecture
August 2 “Formation Initialization-Choreography in Space” Marwan Bikdash, North Carolina A&T Seminar
August 3 “Collision-Free Optimal Path Planning Using Mixed Logical Linear Programming” Marwan Bikdash, North Carolina A&T Seminar
August 3 “Radiative Effect of Clouds on Tropospheric Chemistry and its Sensitivity to Cloud Vertical Distrubution and Optical Properties” Hongyu Liu, NIA Seminar
August 4 – August 5 “NIA/AIAA Verifcation and Validation in Computational Simulations Short Course” – Oberkampf and Roy Short Course
August 8 “Effects of Uncertainty Reduction on Sturctural Design Performance” Raphael Haftka, University of Florida Seminar
August 8 “Rapid CFD Analysis and Design Using A Novel Cartesian Grid Formulation” Andrea Dadone, NIA Seminar
August 10 “Uncertainty Based Methods” Luis Crespo, NIA Seminar
August 15 “Mars Advanced Studies: Investigating the Entry, Descent and Landing Trade Space” Robert Maddock, JPL Seminar
August 16 – August 17 “NIA/DARPA/AFRL/NASA Large Space Systems Workshop” -Santa Fe, NM Workshop
September 7 “Sonic Fatigue Analysis by a Reduced Order Method” Adam Przekop, NIA Seminar
September 7 – September 9 “NESC Academy: Space Life Support System” Hank Rotter Workshop
September 15 “Self-stabilizing Byzantine Pulse Synchronization” Danny Dolev, Israel Seminar
September 20 “Counting the Clouds” David Randall, Colorado State University Lecture
September 21 “Life Cycle Analyses of Manned Exploration Architectures” JD Reeves, NIA Seminar
September 23 “Expansion tube investigations of planetary entry” Richard Morgan, University of Queensland Seminar
October 5 “Computational Fracture Mechanics for Composities State of the Art and Challenges” Ronald Krueger, NIA Seminar
October 18 “Learning from Accidents: Lessons for Researchers” Michael Holloway, NASA/LaRC Seminar
October 18 – October 20 “NESC Academy: Space Propulsion Systems” – George Hopson Workshop
October 19 “Predicting the Residual Compression Strength of Impact-Damaged Sandwich Panels” James Ratcliffe, NIA Seminar
October 30 “LaRC Retiree Think Tank Workshop” Workshop
November 2 “Flying Test Platform Development” Yong-Jeob Shin, NIA Seminar
November 3 “Discontinuous Galerkin for Diffusion” Bram van Leer, University of Michigan Seminar
November 4 “Development of Sensitive/Active Structural Systems” Hiroshi Asanuma, Chiba University – Japan Seminar
November 4 “NASA’s Exploration Systems Architecture Study (ESA Studies and Results” Seminar
November 7 “Rocketplane Progress Report” David M. Urie, Rocketplane Limited, Inc. Seminar
November 15 “Sonic Boom Prediction, Focusing and Mitigation” O.A. Kandil, Old Dominion University Seminar
November 16 “Molecular-Dynamics Parameterization of a Cohesive Zone Model for Intergranular Fracture in Aluminum” Vesselin Yamakov, NIA Seminar
November 17 – November 18 “NIA/AIAA Validation and Verification in Computational Simulations Short Course” Short Course
December 1 “Extracting Behaviorally Relevant Retinal Image Motion Cues via Wide-field Integration” J. Sean Humbert, University of Maryland Seminar
December 5 – December 6 “Short Course: Technology Engineering” – Doug Stanley and Michelle Kirby, Georgia Tech Short Course
December 6 – December 8 “NESC Academy: Power and Avionics” – Robert Kichak Workshop
December 7 “Novel Materials for Space Exploration” Donovan Delozier, NIA Seminar
December 12 – December 14 “Higher-Order Spectral Analysis Short Course” -Prof Muhammad R. Hajj and Walter A. Silva Short Course
December 14 “An Introduction to the 2008 NASA/Glory mission and to its Capabilities to Retrieve Aerosol and Cloud Preperties” Jacek Chowdhary, Columbia University Lecture
December 15 “Application of Radiative Perturbation Theory to MISR Aerosol Retrievals” Michael Box, University of New South Wales – Sydney, Australia Lecture
December 15 “Nonlinear Structural Mechanics and Aeroelasticity” Mayuresh Patil, Virginia Tech Seminar
December 16 “A Swarm of Wind-Driven Mars Rovers: Adaptive Exploration and Assembly” Kenneth Zick, University of Michigan Lecture

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