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2006 Seminars

2006 Seminars

January 18 “The BDD Revolution” Radu Siminiceanu, NIA Seminar
January 20 “Electroelastomer Artifical Muscles and Biomimetic Robots” Qibing Pei, University of Southern California Seminar
February 1 “Lidar Atmospheric Remote Sensing” Zhaoyan Liu, NIA Seminar
February 8 “A Walk Through Climate Change” Robert Lund, Clemson University Lecture
February 8 “Force-Based Performance Analysis and the Role of Entropy in High-Speed Aero/Propulsive Flow-Fields” David Riggins, University of Missour-Rolla Seminar
February 14 “Life-Cycle Cost Estimation for NASA’s Exploration Systems Architecture Study” Joe Hamaker, NASA Headquarters Lecture
February 14 “A Constitutive Equation for Stratospheric Balloons” Jim Rand, Winzen Engineering, Inc. Seminar
February 22 “Applications of Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Atmospheric Chemistry” Grey Huey, Georgia Tech Lecture
February 28 “High Altitude Airship – Technical Basis of Design” Charles K. Lavan, Lockheed Martin Seminar
February 28 “Safety and Reliability Analysis for NASA’s Exploration Systems Architecture Study” Joe Fragola, Valador, Inc. Lecture
February 28 – March 1 “Aerospace System Safety Processes Workshop” – Daniel Schrage Workshop
March 7 “Dynamic Fracture of Adhesively Bonded Structures Using Cohesive Zone Models” Rakesh Kapania, Virginia Tech Seminar
March 8 “Current Topics in Geomagnetic Storm Research” Robert Clauer, University of Michigan Seminar
March 13 “Transient Growth and Subcritical Transition in Shear Flows” Dan Henningson, KTHMechanics, Sweden Seminar
March 13 – March 14 Short Course on Decision Analysis Dr. Alan Wilhite & Dr. Doug Stanley, Georgia Tech Short Course
March 14 “Systems-of-Systems Innovation-Brainstorming for the 21st Century Air Transportation System” Herm Rediess, NIA Seminar
March 15 “A New Perspective on Cooperative Control” Lesley Weitz, Texas A&M University Seminar
March 22 “Returning Humans to the Moon: What Do We Do After We Replant the Flag?” James Head, Brown University Lecture
March 22 “Global Warming Seen from Satellites” Qiang Fu, University of Washington Lecture
March 28 “Combined Thermal and Gas Dynamics Numerical Model for Laser Ablation” Alex Povitsky, University of Akron Seminar
March 29 “Sound Generation by Street of Vortices Impinging into Lifting Bodies” Alex Povitsky, University of Akron Seminar
March 30 “The Huygens Mission: A Successful Descent in the Titan Atmosphere; Expected and unexpected Bahaviours of a Complex Scientific Probe” Carlo Bettanini, University of Padova Seminar
March 30 – March 31 “NIA/AIAA Verifcation and Validation in Computational Simulations Short Course” – Oberkampf and Roy Short Course
March 31 “Design of Single Nanoparticle Optics for Probing Living Cellular Function” X. Nancy Xu, Old Dominion University Seminar


April 6 “Evidence for Atmospheric Recharge of the Equatorial Water Equivalent Hydrogen Regions on Mars” Steven Nelli, New Mexico State University Seminar
April 6 – April 7 “Materials and Structures Workshop” Workshop
April 11 “Optimization on Cost Basis and Robust Design Approaches for Reducing Risk” Resit Unal, Old Dominion University Lecture
April 21 “Numerical and Experimental Tests of A Supersonic Inlet with Pylson Set and Fuel Injection through Pylons” Ates Akyurtl, Hampton University Seminar
May 2 “Probability methods for Cost Uncertainty Analysis” Paul Garvey, MITRE Lecture
May 4 “The Mars Gashopper Airplane” Robert Zubrin, Pioneer Astronautics Seminar
May 8 “Automated Revision of Existing Real-Time Programs” Borzoo Bonakdarpour, Michigan State Univesity Lecture
May 8 – May 9 Supportability Engineering for Aerospace Systems Short Course, Ray Smiljanic Short Course
May 12 “Adaptive Control and Active Vision for Autonomous Aircraft” Eric Johnson, Georgia Tech Lecture
May 15 “Designming Statistical Tests to Addres Scientific Questions” Betsy Weatherhead, NOAA Lecture
May 17 “A General Acceleration Technique for Symbolic State-space Generation Algorithms” Gianfranco Ciardo, University of California – Riverside Lecture
May 19 “Understanding the Root Causes of Aviation Accidents” Chris Johnson, University of Glasgow, Scotland Seminar
May 22 “Artificial Neurological Control of Artifical Skin for Aeronautical Applications” J. Jim Zhu, Ohio University Seminar
May 25 “Engineering for Human Space Exploration” Jeffrey Hoffman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lecture
May 26 “Embedded Systems Design with Statecharts” Gerald Luettgen, University of York, United Kingdom Lecture
June 7 “Interpreting the Low Cloud Amount Climatology Using the Mixed-Layer Theory” Yunyan Zhang, University of California – Los Angeles Lecture
June 20 “Expert Judgment in Uncertainty Analysis” Roger Cooke, Delft University of Technology Lecture
June 27 – June 29 “NESC Academy: Satellite Attitude Control Systems” -Cornelius Dennehy Workshop
July 6 “Structural Evaluation of Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication of Stiffened Panels” Angela Brickler, NIA/University of Maryland Seminar
July 21 “On the Lunar Surface in the 21st Century: Current Knowledge, Compelling Challenges, and Potential Solutions” Pam Clark Lecture
July 25 “Generic Aerospace Product & Mission Life-Cycle Development – A Proposed Standard” Bernd Chudoba, University of Texas – Arlington Lecture
July 27 “Kinetic CFD Scheme and its Application to Deterministic Hybrid Computation of Rarified Gas Flows” Taku Ohwada, Kyoto University Seminar
July 27 “UAS Airworthiness Improvement Symposium” Workshop
July 28 “An Optimal 2-D Conflict Resolution Algorithm” Andre Galdino, University of Brazilia Lecture
July 31 – August 1 “Entry, Descent and Landing Short Course” – Bobby Braun, GA Tech Short Course
August 1 “Direct Numberical Simulations of Crossflow Disturbances in Supersonic Boundary Layers” Li Jiang, University of Texas Seminar
August 14 – August 15 “Airborne Radiometric Detection of Aviation Hazards Workshop” Workshop
August 16 -17 “Space Flight Mechanics for Exploration Systems Short Course” – Robert Tolson, NCSU Short Course
August 18 “Introduction to dense gas flows: exploitation of non-classical properties for energy applications” Pietro Congedo, University of Lecce, Italy Seminar
August 29 “Lunar Robotic Precursor Missions Using Electric Propulsion” Rick Winski, NIA/Virginia Tech Lecture
August 31 – September 1 “Computational Thermal Analysis Short Course” – Dean Schrage, Analex Corp. Short Course
September 11 – September 12 “Large Space Systems Workshop” Oxnard, CA Workshop
September 18 – September 22 “Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics Short Course” Short Course
September 19 “Spectroscopic Surface Contamination Detection” Dennis Gregoris, MDA Corporation, Ontario, Canada Seminar
October 5 “Autonomous Hazard Avoidance and Precision Landing on Planetary Bodies” Jean de LaFontaine, NDG Aerospace Ltd, Canada Lecture
October 17 “Mars Exploration Entry, Descent and Landing Challenges” Robert Braun, Georgia Tech Lecture
October 25 “Calculation of Through Flows in Turbojet Engines and Supersonic Inlets with Flow Control” Joe Ianelli, City University of London Seminar
October 30 – October 31 “Risk-Based Design for Exploration Systems Short Course” – Joseph R. Fragola Short Course
November 2 “Temporal Refinement Using SMT and Model Checking with an Application” Lee Pike, Galois Connections Lecture
November 3 “Utilizing Chaotic Transport for Trajectory Generation” Shane Ross, Virginia Tech Seminar
November 3 “Semi-Active & Active Tuning of Variable Stiffness Adaptive Structures ased on Hydraulically Pressurized Flexible Matrix Composites” Michael Philen, Virginia Tech Seminar
November 6 – November 7 “High-Order Methods and High-Fidelity Flow Simulations Workshop” – Harold Atkins Workshop
November 13 “Shock-Induced Reaction Synthesis of Materials” Naresh Thadhani, Georgia Tech Seminar
November 13 – November 14 “Intelligent Optical Systems Workshop” – Natalie Clark Workshop
November 21 “Verisoft: Towards Verified Distributed Stacks” Julien Schmaltz, Saarland University, Germany Lecture
November 28 – November 29 “Multi-terrain Impact Simulations Workshop” – Ed Fasanella Workshop
November 29 – November 30 “Decision Analysis Short Course” – Doug Stanley Short Course
December 1 “VDP: A Mentor-Focued Middle School Outreach Program” Eugene Brown, Virginia Tech Lecture
December 5 – December 7 “NESC Academy: Human Factors” – Cynthia Null Workshop
December 7 – December 8 “Systems Analysis for Aerospace Systems Short Course” – Alan Wilhite Short Course
December 8 “European Space Exploration Strategy & Plans” Alain Dupas, College of Polytecnic Lecture
December 15 “Some Techniques for Formal Global Optimisation” Roland Zumkeller, Ecole Poytechnique Seminar
December 18 “Virginia Indians to England” Kevin Krigsvold, NIA Seminar

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