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2007 Seminars

2007 Seminars

January 5 “Conceptual Supersonic Aircraft Design & Analysis” Sriram Rallabhandi, Georgia Tech Seminar
January 22-23 “Conducting FlexSkins” Workshop
January 24 “The Lunar Dust-Plasma Environment: Implications for Science & Exploration” Timothy Stubbs, NASA GSFC Seminar
January 31-February 1 “Materials Challenges for Lunar Exploration” Joycelyn Harrison Workshop
February 23 “The Future of Aerospace: A Tribute to Ronald McNair” Dr. James Hubbard, UMD/NIA Seminar
February 28 “Global Comparison of Active (CALIPSO) and Passive (MODIS) Cloud Property Retrievals” Robert Holz, University of Wisconsin Seminar
March 7 “A Formal Toolbox to Prove Properties of Programming Languages” Gilles Dowek, Ecole Polytechnique Seminar
March 13-15 “NESC Academy: Software” Michael Aguilar, George Mason University Short Course
March 23 “Hybrid Jump Linear Systems: A New Modeling Framework…” Arturo Tejada, ODU Seminar
March 28 “New Developments in Chemical Data Assimilation” Adrian Sandu, Virginia Tech Seminar
April 3 “Apollo Lessons Learned for the Vision for Space Exploration” John Logsdon, George Washington University Seminar
April 4 “Atmospheres of Mercury & the Moon: Theoretical Overview & Simulation” William Smyth, AER. Inc. Seminar
April 26 “Airbus: Next Generation Laminar Flow Techniques (I)” David Peake Workshop
May 2 “The Environmental Cycle of Mercury: from the Atmosphere to the Ocean” Elizabeth Malcolm, VA Wesleyan College Seminar
May 9-10 “Theory and Design Techniques of Adaptive Control” Gang Tao, UVA Short Course
May 15 “Computational Damage/Failure Mechanics of Materials Subjected to Impact Loads” Romesh Batra, Virginia Tech Seminar
May 16 “Changes in the Arctic” Jennifer Francis, IMCS Rutgers University Seminar
May 22 “Control-Law Design and Stability Analysis for Multi-Vehicle Formations” Lesley Weitz, Texas A&M University Seminar
May 24 “SpaceNet: Enabling Exploration Through Interplanetary Supply Chain Management” Olivier deWeck, MIT Seminar
May 29 “Collaborative Autonomous Vehicles” Bill Grossman Workshop
May 30 “A Perspective of 21st Century Aerospace” Michael Francis, General Atomics Seminar
June 6 “Formal Verification of the NASA SATS Landing Protocol Using Two Levels of Abstraction” Shinya Umeno, PhD Student at MIT Seminar
June 13 “Product Lifecycle Management in Aerospace” Willy Magill, Wavelength Consulting Seminar
June 13-14 “Airbus: Next Generation Laminar Flow Technologies (II)” David Peake Workshop
June 14 “Toward a Future Navier-Stokes Code: Exploiting Additional Degrees of Freedom” Hiroaki Nishikawa, Old Dominion University Seminar
June 15 “Uncertainty Bounds for Geometrical Conflict Detection & Resolution” Jean-Baptiste Jeanin, Ecole Polytechnique Seminar
June 19 “Stratosphere-Troposphere Exchange: Why, Where, & How Much?” Mark Olsen, NASA GSFC Seminar
June 21 “Textbook-Efficiency Multigrid Solver for Three-Dimensional Unsteady Compressible Navier-Stokes Equation” Wei Liao, Old Dominion University Seminar
June 27 “Curvature Flexibilities for Structural Damage Localization & Quantification” Mahendra Singh, Virginia Tech Seminar
July 13 “Nonlinear System Identification with Higher-Order Spectral Moments” Muhammad Hajj, Virginia Tech Seminar
July 17 “Investigations of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling Using SuperDARN” Joseph Baker, Johns Hopkins Jet Propulsion Lab Seminar
July 23 “Computation of Airframe Noise Using a Discontinuous Galerkin Method” Marcus Bauer, DLR German Aerospace Center Seminar
July 24-25 “Airbus: Nanotechnology” David Peake Workshop
July 24-26 “Revolutionary Aircraft for Quiet Communities” Joe Posey Workshop
July 26-27 “Airbus: Wireless Technologies” David Peake Workshop
July 27 “Review: Piezoelectric Actuators-Expansion from IT/Robotics to Ecological/Energy Applications” and “High Power Piezoelectric Transformers” Kenji Uchino, Penn State University Seminar
July 30-August 2 “NESC Academy: Materials Durability-Understanding Damage Modes” R. Piascik Short Course
August 1 “Commercial Spacecraft Transportation Systems” Long Yip Workshop
August 3 “Design & Optimization of Structures Using Additive Manufacturing Processes” Rakesh Kapania, Virginia Tech Seminar
August 6-7 “Lessons Learned Applied to Space System Development” Larry Ross Short Course
August 7 “A Rice Convection Model Study of Depleted Channels in the Storm-Time Plasma Sheet” Jichun Zhang, Rice University Seminar
August 8 “Space Weather Prediction: Role of Potential Field Source Surface Model & its Limitations” Bala Poduval, Stanford University Seminar
August 14 “Variation of Tropical Upper Tropospheric Clouds with Sea Surface Temperature & Associated Radiative Effects” Hui Su, California Institute of Technology Seminar
August 14-16 “Large Space Structures” Judith Watson Workshop
August 16 “The Evolution of High-Latitude Potential Models and Applications” Dan Weimer, Solana Scientific, Inc. Seminar
August 27 “Gas-Kinetic Navier-Stokes Solver for Hypersonic Flows in Thermal and Chemical Non-equilibrium” Lei Tang, D&P LLC Seminar
August 29 “Refined ZigZag Models for the Analysis of Composite and Sandwich Beams” Marco Gherlone, Politecnico de Torino Seminar
August 29 “Exploring Optimal Strain-Sensor Distributions on the Plate Structures Using Inverse Finite Element Method” Massimiliano Mattone, Politecnico de Torino Seminar
September 10-14 “(HEI) Fundamentals of Hypersonic Flight” James McDaniel Short Course
September 11-13 “MODSIM 2007, Education and Training Track” Tom Pinelli Short Course
September 12-14 “Robust and Adaptive Control Theory” Dr. Devin Wise & Pro. Naira Hovaikimyan Short Course
September 27 “Some Control Applications of Smart Materials” and “Random Fatigue of Structures with Uncertain Parameters and Non-Gaussian Stress Response” Jian-Qiao Sun, University of CA Merced Seminar
October 3 “Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer: History, Some Recent Progress, and Applications to Remote Sensing and Radiative Forcing Study” Ping Yang, Texas A&M University Seminar
October 19 “Highschool STEM Teachers” Tom Pinelli Short Course
October 19-21 “South-Eastern Atlantic Applied Mathematical Sciences” Li-Shi Luo Workshop
October 23-25 “(HEI) Advanced Hypersonic Propulsion” Bernie Grossman Short Course
October 24 “Mini Workshop with Airbus” David Peake Workshop
October 30 “Engineering & Management Lessons Learned from Viking” Angelo Guastaferro, NASA ret. Seminar
October 31 “Generating Code from PVS” Leonard Lensink, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands Seminar
November 1 “European Contributions to the Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Ozone and Aerosol Vertical Profiles” John Burrows, University of Bremen, Germany Seminar
November 8 “Applications of High Resolution Ultrasonics for Bio/Structural Materials Characterization” Joe Heyman, Luna Innovations Seminar
November 27-30 “Formal Methods” Cesar Munoz Short Course
November 29 “Lessons Learned from NASA Space Flight Programs for Future Human Exploration” Jim VanLaak, NASA LaRC Seminar
December 4-6 “NESC Academy: Loads & Dynamics” Curtis E. Larsen Short Course
December 13-14 “(HEI) Advanced Hypersonic Aerodynamics” Bernie Grossman Short Course

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