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2008 Seminars

2008 Seminars

January 9-10 “SACD: Lessons Learned” Doug Stanley Short Course
January 15 “Robust Adaptive Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” Nazli Kahveci, University of Southern California Seminar
January 23 “A Colorful Infraed World – Observed & Simulated Outgoing Longwave Spectra” Yi Huang, Princeton University Seminar
January 24 “Short-lived Pollutants in the Arctic: Trends and Climate Implications” Patricia Quinn, NOAA PMEL Seminar
January 24 “Adaptive Gain-Scheduled Control” Jinho Jang, MIT Seminar
January 31 “Space Program in Taiwan” J.J. Miau, National Cheng Jung University, Taiwan Seminar
February 1 “Atmospheric Models & Applications” Wen-Yih Sun, Perdue University Seminar
February 8 “A Foundation for Tunnel-Complex Protocols” Alwyn Goodloe, NIA Seminar
February 12 “The Once and Future Moon: Lessons Learned & Future Directions for Exploration in the Context of our Closest Neighbor” Pam Clark, NASA GSFC Seminar
February 19 “Water, Water Everywhere – Atmospheric Temperature & Water Vapor Profiles from Optical Measurements in the Limb” Ted Llewellyn, University of Saskatchewan, Canada Seminar
February 26-28 “(HEI) Structures and Materials for Hypersonic Vehicles” Fred Ferguson Short Course
February 28 “Solar Activity Variations, Cosmic Rays, Clouds & Climate Change” Eigil Friis-Christiansen, Natl Space Institute at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Seminar
March 14 “DoS Models and Counter-Measures” Carl A. Gunter, University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign Seminar
March 17 “A Multi-Equation Model for Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence Featuring the Large-Scale Evolutions of the Solar Wind” Nobumitsu Yokoi, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, Japan Seminar
March 21 “Validating Numerical Space Weather Models” Dan Welling, University of Michigan Seminar
March 27 “Uncertainty Analysis: A Practitioners Observations” Alfred Smith, Tecolote Research Inc. Seminar
April 1-2 “(HEI) Hypersonic Vehicle Entry, Descent and Landing” Short Course
April 9 “Nitride Nuclear Fuel Production using Self-Propagting High Temperature Synthesis” Marissa Reigel, NASA Center for Space Resources, CO School of Mines Seminar
April 10 “Far-Field Near-in-Plane Harmonic Main Rotor Helicopter Impulsive noise Reduction Possibilities” Guarav Gopalan, University of Maryland Seminar
April 14 “A Merging and Spacing Approach to the Casual Model of Air Transport (CATS) Model” Tina Singuran, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
April 15 “Load Sharing Optimization of a Redundant Path Planar Mechanism” Michael Tosto, University of Virginia Seminar
April 15- 16 “Structured Expert Judgment” Dr., Roger Cooke Short Course
April 17 “Computation of Hydrogen Atom Photoelectron Spectra in Momentum Space” Tsin-Fu Jiang, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Seminar
April 28 “Computational Fluid Dynamics from Hypersonic Boundary-layer Flows to Microfluidic Flows” Yanbao Ma, University of California, Los Angeles Seminar
April 29- May 1 “NESC Academy: Structures and Nondestructive Evaluation Course” Ivatury Raju & William Prosser Short Course
May 1 “Optimization of the Mars Ascent Vehicle for Human Space Exploration” Joseph Hickman, Georgia Tech Seminar
May 7-8 “NESC Academy: Propulsion” George Hopson Short Course
May 8 “Formal Verification of a Compiler for Logic Specifications” Guodong Li, University of Utah Seminar
May 19 “Development of AnalysisTools for Sonic Boom Reduction and Supersonic Aircraft Design” Sriram Rallabhandi, Georgia Tech Seminar
May 22 “Integrated Design and Manufacturing of a Composite Helicopter Horizontal Stabilizer Slat” Pascal Hubert, McGill University, Quebec, Canada Seminar
May 27 “Three Dimensional Damage Mapping of Fatigued Skin-Stringer Specimens” Victor Feret, McGill University, Quebec, Canada Seminar
June 4 “Magnetospheric MHD Simulation and Saturation of the Polar Cap Potential Drop. Sudden Storm Commencement at Low-Latitude Magnetic Observatories” Igor Alexeev, Lomonosov Moscow State University Seminar
June 5 “MESSENGER’s First Flyby of Mercury” James Salvin, NASA GSFC Seminar
June 10-12 “(HEI) Hypersonic Vehicle Systems Integration” Short Course
June 11-12 “NESC Academy: Human Factors” Cynthia Null Short Course
June 13 “Formal Executable Semantics of PLEXIL in Rewriting Logic” Camilo Rocha, University of Illinois at Urbanna-Champaign Seminar
July 14 “Algorithms for Automatic Feedback Control of Aerodynamic Flows” Karthik Palaniappan, Optimal Synthesis Inc., Palo Alto, CA Seminar
July 16 “Inference Uncertainty Quantification Instead of Full-Scale Testing” James Langenbrunner, Los Alamos National Laboratory Seminar
July 17 “Efficient High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Fluid Flow Simulations” Khosro, Shabazi, University of Wyoming Seminar
July 17 “Numerical Investigation of Supersonic Transition for a Circular Cone at Mach 3.5” Andreas Laible, University of Arizona Seminar
July 21 “Simulations of Continuum and Near-Continuum Hypersonic Flows Using Kinetic Scheme” Wei Liao, Old Dominion University Seminar
July 27- August 1 “NESC Academy: Innovative Engineering Design” Charlie Camarda Short Course
August 1 “A KB3D Approach to Strategic CD&R” Christopher Osborn, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Seminar
August 4-5 “SACD: Uncertainty, Risk, and Probability in Aerospace System Design” Doug Stanley Short Course
August 11 “The Long-Range Transport of Pollution” Bryan Duncan, UMBC Goddard (GEST) Seminar
August 13 “Computer Simulations to Model Space Capsule Ground Landings” Ernie Heymsfield, University of Arkansas Seminar
August 19 “The Connection Between Acoustics & Unsteady Aerodynamics” Feri Farassat, NASA LaRC Aeroacoustics Branch Seminar
August 26 “Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering” Don Giddens, Georgia Tech Seminar
August 28 “Adding Functionality to Reynolds Stress Turbulence Modeling” John & Joan Moore, Research Associate (ret.); Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech Seminar
September 3 “A New Dimension to Sensing – Electrical Sensors with No Electrical Connections” Stanley Woodard, NASA LaRC Seminar
September 8 “MIT-Draper CE&R Study: Methodologies and Tools” Wilfried Hofstetter, MIT Seminar
September 10 “Model Validation and Predictive Capability” William Oberkampf, Consulting Engineer, Albuquerque, NM Seminar
September 10-11 “Constellation Composite Structure Certification” Steve Scotti Workkshop
September 11 “Assessment of Modeling and Simulation Maturity” William Oberkampf, Consulting Engineer, Albuquerque, NM Seminar
September 19 “Computational Study of Hypersonic Flows” Ravi Srinivasan, Texas A&M University Seminar
September 22-23 “Future Exploration Technology” Keith Belvin Workshop
September 29 “DNS Shockwave and Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction Minwei Wu, Princeton University Seminar
October 22 “Study of the Interaction Between Solar Wind & the Earth Magnetosphere: Theoretical Model & Application on the Data of the Halloween Event of October 2003” Suleiman Baraka, Virginia Tech Seminar
November 6 “Following the Footsteps of a PaleoAerodynamicist – a Preview” Brenda Kulfan, Boeing Technical Fellows Seminar
November 14 “From Verified Specifications to Verifiable Software” Leonard Lensink, University of Nijmegen, Netherlands Seminar
November 17-18 “SACD – Advanced Space Propulsion” Steve Howe, Franklin Mead, Robert Frisbee Short Course
November 24 “Real-Time Urban Scene Reconstruction with a Single Camera” Jan-Michael Frahm, University of NC, Chapel Hill Seminar
December 2 “Value Driven Design” Paul Collopy, DFM Consulting, Urbana, IL Seminar

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