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2009 Seminars

2009 Seminars

January 9- April 3 “Advanced Space Propulsion” S. Howe, F. Mead, B. Palaszewski, S. Borowski, R. Frisbee Short Course
January 13 “Back to the Moon, T-Twelve Years and Counting” Dana Andrews, Andrews Space, Inc. Seminar
January 20 “Physics Model Uncertainty Quantification Using the Formal Theory of Evidence” Michael Balch, PhD Candidate, Virginia Tech Seminar
January 27 “Assuring Emergent Properties Under Composition” Natasha Neogi, University of IL Urbana-Champaign Seminar
January 28 “Theoretical Heat Transfer Model of Carbon Composites Using Thermal Quadrupoles” Deonna Woolard, Randolph-Macon College Seminar
January 29-30 “Space Flight Mechanics, Guidance and Navigation” Robert Tolson Short Course
February 3 “Using Structural Analogies to Analyze and Design Cooperative Control Laws for Multivehicle Systems” Lesley Weitz, PhD Candidate, Texas A&M University Seminar
February 13 “A Modular Proof of the Correctness of Prevention Bands Algorithms” Gilles Dowek, Ecole Polytechnique France Seminar
February 19 “Block Copolymer Micelles with nanoparticles and Fluorophores” Byeong-Hyeok Sohn, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea Seminar
February 26 “Multi-Disciplinary Design Studies of Truss Braced Wing Aircraft to Achieve Large Improvements in Performance” Joseph Schetz, Virginia Tech Seminar
March 9 “A Newly Designed Hypersonic Inner-Wave Rider Inlet” Guoping Huang, Nanjing University of Aerospace, Nanjing, China Seminar
March 17 “Moon to Mars Forum at Virginia Air and Space Center” Workshop
March 17-19 “Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification” Anthony Guinta, Michael Eldred Short Course
March 26 “Underwater Robots” Mark Patterson, Virginia Institute of Marine Science Seminar
March 30-31 “Spacecraft Design” Alan Wilhite Short Course
April 2 “Small Fatigue Crack Growth Using Electron Backscattered Diffraction” Vipul Gupta, University of Virginia Seminar
April 10 “Formal Verification of Safety Buffers for Conflict Detection and Resolution Under Uncertainty” Heber Herencia-Zapana, Old Dominion University Seminar
April 15 “Model Checking with Edge-Valued Decision Diagrams” Pierre Roux, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France Seminar
April 16-17 “NESC Academy: Space Propulsion Systems: Learning from the Past and Looking to the Future” George Hopson Short Course
April 20-21 “Special Challenges of Human Spaceflight” Jeffrey Hoffman Short Course
April 23 “Ozone Soundings Serve to Integrate Models, Aircraft and Ground-based Measurements for Better Interpretation of Atmospheric Pollution” Anne Thompson, Pennsylvania State University Seminar
April 27 “UH-60A Airloads Program Tutorial” William Bousman, US Army Emeritus Scientist Seminar
May 4 “Jupiter’s Galilean Satellites and the next Solar System Flagship Mission” Melissa McGrath, NASA Marshall SFC Seminar
May 14-15 “HAI: How Airplanes Fly and Why They Look The Way They Do” Wayne F. Hallgren Short Course
May 15 “Building a Formal Model of a Human-Interactive System: Insights into the Integration of Formal Methods and Human Factors Engineering” Matthew Bolton, University of Virginia Seminar
May 28 “UAVs and Global Hawk” Mohammed Hossain, USAF Education with Industry Seminar
May 29 “Pilot State Estimation Using a Haptic Control Interface” Mark Van der Steen, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
June 4 “Hybrid Systems Verification and Collision Avoidance for Aircraft” Andre Platzer, Carnegie-Mellon University Seminar
June 5 “An Exploration of the Unanticipated Consequences of the Internet” Frances Kelly, Pennsylvania State University Seminar
June 17 “Reusable Space Systems: 21st Century Technology Challenges” Jess Sponable, DARPA USAFRL Seminar
June 18 “Nonlinear Robust Adaptive Controller Design for an Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle Model” Lisa Fiorentini, Ohio State University Seminar
June 18-19 “Vortex Dominated Flows” Workshop
June 22 “Experimental & Numerical Studies of Tethered DNA Shear Dynamics in the Flow-Gradient Plane” Christopher Lueth, Stanford University Seminar
June 23 “An Indirect Adaptive Control Scheme in the Presence of Actuator and Sensor Failures” Joy Sun, NC A&T University Seminar
June 24 “Graphical User Interface for the Semantic Validation of NASA’s Plan Execution Interchange Language (PLEXIL)” Hector Cadavid, Colombia School of Engineering, Bogota, Colombia Seminar
June 29 “Toward Implementable Adaptive Control Technology for Aircraft Under Failure and Damage Conditions” Yu Liu, University of Virginia Seminar
July 14 “Investigation of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Using a Chemical Transport Model Constrained by Satellite Observations” Yan Feng, University of California, San Diego Seminar
July 21 “Lidar-Aided Inertial Navigation with Extended Kalman Filtering for Pinpoint Landing” Matthew Aiken, North Carolina State University Seminar
July 24 “Parallel Computing, Efficient Simulation, and Renewable Energy” Steve Hammond, National Renewable Energy Laboratory Seminar
July 29 “Wake Vortex Turbulence Sensitivity to Vertical Data Resolutions” Dana Ionita, Georgia Tech Seminar
July 31 “Formal Analysis of Control Software: Providing Guarantees of Control Performance from Specification to Code” Timothy Wang, Georgia Tech Seminar
July 31 “Recent Findings on Tropospheric Ozone and its Trend Over China” C.Y. “John” Chan, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China Seminar
August 10-12 “Truss-Braced Wings” Workshop
August 19 “Safety and Liveness Properties in Decentralized Air Traffic Control” Natasha Neogi, University of IL., Urbana-Champaign Seminar
August 20 “Launch Delta-V Sensitivity of a Single Stage to Orbit Vehicle to Changes in Engine Parameters” Alexander Maas, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
August 20 “Immersive Virtual Human Exploration” Vivek Vittaldev, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
August 21 “Mercury Inputs, Outputs, Cycling and Ambient Concentrations under the Forest Canopy in the Adirondacks of New York” Hyun-Deok Choi, Clarkson University Seminar
August 21 “Influence of Aircraft Dynamics on the Separation Performance of State-Based CD&R” Fermand Clermont, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
August 21 “Atomistic Modeling of Cross-Linked Epoxy Polymers” Ananyo Bandyopadhyay, Michigan Technological University Seminar
August 21 “Design of Micro-Satellite Structural Housing and Soil Impact Studies Using LS-DYNA” Alessandro Migliaccio, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands Seminar
August 24-27 “Fundamental Principles of Project Management and System Engineering” John Newcomb Short Course
August 25 “Coupled Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Mantle Evolution: Exploring Mantle Feedbacks” Bill Moore, UCLA Seminar
August 26 “Checking Up On Arthur C. Clarke: The Next Mision to Europa and the Jupiter System” Bill Moore, UCLA Seminar
September 3 “Advanced Earth-to-Orbit” Workshop
September 3 “Real Computation and Floating-Point Computation in Air Traffic Management Algorithms” Gilles Dowek, Ecole Polytechnique, France Seminar
September 18 “Recent Progress in Generating Code from PVS” Leonard Lensink, University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands Seminar
September 21 “Quantifying the Benefits of Immersive Virtual Reality” Doug Bowman, Virginia Tech Seminar
September 23-24 “Multi-Disciplinary Optimization” Prabhat Hajela and Jaroslaw Sobieski Short Course
September 24 “Why- An Intermediate Language for Deductive Program Verification” Jean-Christophe Filliatre, INRIA Saclay & University of Paris Sud Seminar
September 25 “Human-like Full Body Patient Simulators” Shashank Priya, Virginia Tech Seminar
September 30- October 1 “Robustness Analysis” Gary Balas, A. Packard, P. Seiler, U. Topcu Short Course
October 30 “Composite Research at Imperial College” Emile Greenhalgh, Imperial College, London Seminar
October 30 “Structural Power Composites for Energy Storage Devices” Kingsley Ho, Imperial College, London Seminar
October 30 “Micromechanism-based Damage Mechanics of Laminates with Cracks” Janis Varna, TU Lulea Sweden Seminar
October 30 “KOMBATT- a Swedish Research Project Devoted to Development of Structural Batteries from Polymer Fiber Composites Materials” Leif Asp, SICOMP AB, Sweden Seminar
November 9 “SACD-Advanced Materials for Reusable Hypersonic Vehicles” Workshop
November 19 “Teaching K-12 Teachers about Engineering” Hayden Griffen, Virginia Tech Seminar
November 19 “Development of Coarse-Grain Models for Self-Assembling Skin Lipids” Kevin Hadley, Vanderbilt University Seminar
December 4 “Scientific Visualization for K-12 Education” Workshop

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