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2011 Seminars

2011 Seminars

January 27 “Aircraft Simulation Model Exchange Standards and Autodated Model Updating Using Flight Data” Geoffrey Brian, DSTO, Australia Seminar
February 8 “Nonlinear Identification from Measured FRF and Transmissibility” Allesandro Carrella, University of Bristol, England Seminar
February 28 “Workshop on the Art of Technical Presentation” Workshop
March 7-10 “Introduction to Aeronautics- A Practical Perspective” W. Hallgren, C. Seymour, Practical Aeronautics, Inc. Short Course
March 18 “Modeling and Analysis with AADL” Oleg Sokolsky, U. Pennsylvania Seminar
April 11 “Some Applications of Resonant Plasmonics” Hans Robinson, Virginia Tech Seminar
April 19 “Design Optimization of Composite Cylindrical Shells Under Uncertainty” Benedikt Kriegesmann, Leibniz University Seminar
April 26 “Accounting for Proof Testing with the Probabilistic Design Process” Gerhard Venter, Stellenbosch U, South Africa Seminar
April 26-29 “Fundamental Principles of Project Management and Systems Engineering” John Newcomb Short Course
May 5 “Accounting for Proof Testing with the Probabilistic Design Process” Gerhard Venter, Stellenbosch U, South Africa Seminar
May 6 “Space Science and Technology Programs at the Office of Naval Research” Robert McCoy, ORS, ONR Seminar
May 19 “Narrowing in Rewriting Logic and Applications” Santiago Escobar, Politechnica de Valencia, Spain Seminar
June 15 “Imperfection Sensitivity and Inspection Criteria for Axially Compressed Cylindrical Shells” Alexander Meurer, Leibniz University Seminar
June 17 “In-Situ Structural Damage Sensing and Diagnosis” LingYu Yu, University of S. Carolina Seminar
July 7 “Supersonic and Hypersonic Wall Turbulence: What we know; What we do not know; How we can progress” M. Pino Martin, University of Maryland Seminar
July 7 “Unsteadiness in Shock Induced Separated Flows” Pierre Dupont, IUSTI, France Seminar
July 12 “Overview of Uncertainty in Aerospace Design (SDI)” Doug Stanley, Alan Wilhite, Georgia Tech & NIA Short Course
July 15 “Boundary Layer Transition and the Space Shuttle” Karen Berger, NASA LaRC Seminar
July 19 “Meta-Models and Uncertainty Propagations (SDI)” John Olds, Brad St. Germain, SpaceWorks, Inc. Short Course
July 20 “Approaches to Model Form Uncertainty (SDI)” S. Mahadevan, Vanderbilt University Short Course
July 21 “Plans for a Proposed X-Ray Laser at Jefferson Lab” G. Williams, Jefferson Lab Seminar
July 22 “Supporting High Tech Incubators: From the Lab to the Marketplace” James Jorasch, Science House Seminar
July 26 “Decision-Making Under Uncertainty (SDI)” Gary Smith, Innovative Decisions, Inc. Short Course
July 28 “Uncertainty in NASA Risk Management Processes” Homayoon Desfuli, NASA HQ OSMA Seminar
August “SDI Workshop on Propellant Depots” Workshop
August “SDI Workshop on Hypersonic Systems Design” Workshop
August 4 “Advanced Uncertainty Analysis” Lawrence Green, LaRC, SACD Seminar
August 9 “Probability Boxes” Scott Ferson, Applied Biomathematics Seminar
August 11 “Statistical Engineering” Pete Parker, LaRC/ED Seminar
August 15 “Plug-n-Play NanoSat Avionics Architecture” J. Fredrik, B. Bruhn, AAC Microtec AB, Uppsala Sweden Seminar
August 16 “Optimizing Resource Allocation for Uncertainty Reduction of Complex Systems Models” Robert McDonald, Cal Poly, SLO & LaRC/SACD Seminar
August 18 “A Vision for Aerodynamic Uncertainty Quantification” Eric Walker, LaRC/RD Seminar
August 22 “Recent Developments in Morphing Composites” Paul Weaver, University Bristol Seminar
August 23 “Developing Evidence-Based Design Metrics and Methods for Improving Healthcare Soundscapes” Selen Okcu, Georgia Tech Seminar
September 1 “Computational Study of the Embedded Engine Static Pressure Thrust Propulsion System” Paolo Peraudo, Politecnico di Torini Seminar
September 1 “Translation of Functionally Embedded Domain-Specific Languages” Nis Wegman, E. Copenhagen Seminar
September 12 “Expert Elicitation to Quantify Uncertainty (SDI)” Roger Cooke, Resources for the Future Short Course
September 12-15 “Introduction to Aeronautics – A Practical Perspective” W. Hallgren, C. Seymour, Practical Aeronautics Short Course
September 14 “Development of Criteria for Intent-Based Implicit Coordination” Alfonso Valenzuela, University of Seville Seminar
September 15-16 “Uncertainty Management and Quantification in Industrial Analysis and Design” Dr. Charles Hirsch, ERCOFTAC Short Course
September 21 “Shape Sensing of Three Dimensional Frame Structures Using the Inverse Finite Element Method” Marco Gherlone, Politecnico di Milano Seminar
September 26 “Certain Aspects of Flow on Rough Surfaces” Jerzy Floryan, U. Western Ontario, Canada Seminar 
September 30 “Evaluation of Deployable Space Mass Concepts” Marco Straubel, DLR, Germany Seminar
October 13 “The Future of Air Quality and Air Quality Modeling in the Context of a Shrinking Budget Environment” Thomas E. Pierce, Environmental Protection Agency Seminar
October 26 “Investigation of Face Sheet/Core Disbonding in CFRP/Foam Core Sandwich Structures under Quasi-Static and Fatigue Loading” Martin Rinker, Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials Seminar
November 10 “Computer Modeling of Natural and Synthetic Systems” Eng Lim Goh, Silicon Graphics Seminar
November 17 “AMC: Tool Support for Automating the Model Checking Life” Luis E. Lopez Pons, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia Seminar
November 18 “Simulating Fluid-Structure Interactions and a Novel Concept for Extreme-Scale Wind Turbines” Eric Loth, UVA Seminar

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