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2012 Seminars

2012 Seminars

January 31 2012 “Modeling the Three-Dimensional Upper Atmosphere of Titan: Comparisons with the Cassini-Huygens Ion-Neutral Mass Spectrometer” Jared Bell, Southwest Research Institute Seminar
February 3 “Eliminating Division and square Root in Embedded Programs” Pierre Neron, Ecole Polytechnique and INRIA, France Seminar
April 6 “Feather Ultrastructure: Influence on flight and forensic studies” Lorian Cobra Straker, Smithsonian Institute Seminar
April 6 “Rigorous Polynomial Approximations, Part 1: Certified Evaluation of Functions on a Machine” Nicholas Brisebarre, CNRS, LIP, ENS, Lyon, France Seminar
April 9 “Rigorous Polynomial Approximations, Part 2: How, why and when to design them using Chebyshev interpolation polynomials and series”Mioara Joldes, Uppsala University, Sweden Seminar
April 10 “Predictive Analysis for Detecting Serializability Violations through Trace Segmentation” Anrab Sinha, Princeton University Seminar
April 18 “Statistical Study of Cusp Origin O+ Access to the Magnetotail with CLUSTER/CODIF data” Jing Liao, University of New Hampshire Seminar
April 18 “Analysis and Synthesis of Aircraft Engine Fan Noise for use in Psychoacoustic Studies” Matt Allen, Virginia Tech Seminar
May 7 “Studying the Earth, Atmosphere and Space from Alaska – Research at the Geophysical Institute” Robert McCoy, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Seminar
May 8 “Negative Capacitance Shunt Control of Flexural Systems” Benjamin S. Beck, Georgia Tech Seminar
May 9 “Elastic Wave Propagation in Periodic Materials: Methods and Results for Macro and Nanoscale Systems” Bruce L. Davis, University of Colorado Seminar
May 15-19 “Overview of Project Management and Systems Engineering” John Newcomb Short Course
May 17 “NASA MMEEV Program: Phase II, Vibration Analysis CRASH Lab Team” Javid Bayandor, Virginia Tech Seminar
June 4-8 “Parachute Technology (AIAA and St. Louis University” Juan Cruz, NASA LaRC; Stephen Lingard, Vorticity Inc.; Jean Potvin, St. Louis University; John Watkins, Pioneer; Dean Wolf, Sandia Short Course
June 12 “Development of Novel Noise Mitigation and NDE Techniques Using Granular Phononic Crystals” Jinkyu Yang, University of South Carolina Seminar
June 14 “Debugging Tools for Bobust Parallel Computer Programs” Daniel Schwartz-Narbonne, Princeton University Seminar
June 18 “Multiscale Modeling of the Multifunctional Properties of CNT-Polymer Nanocomposites via Analytic and Computational Micromechanics” Dr. Gary Seidel, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Ocean Eng. Dept, Virginia Tech Seminar
June 18-19 “Hybrid RANS-LES (ERCOFTAC)” Charles Mockett, CFD Software; Kyle Squires, AZ State; Bernard Guertz, U. Twente; Harman VanderVan, NAL; Fred Mendonca, CD-Adapco Short Course
June 22 “Watson in Space: Advanced Decision Support Systems for NASA using Deep Analytics” Paul Giangarra, IBM Federal’s Office of the CTO SACD Seminar
July 11 “Advances in Solar Power, Sensors and Laser Applications” Mool Gupta, UVA Seminar
July 20 “Complex Engineered Systems and the End of Requirements” Paul Collopy, University of Alabama in Huntsville SACD Seminar
July 26 “From Models to Source Code: Verifying Conflict Detection Software” Florent Kirchner, CEA-LIST Seminar 
July 27 “Recent Experiences in Developing Effective Complexity Metrics for Aerospace Systems” Daniel DeLaurentis, Purdue University SACD Seminar
August 8 “Scalable Deep Analytics on Cloud and High Performance Computing Environments” Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University SACD Seminar
August 16 “Higher Order CISE Methods for Supersonic Counter-Flowing Jet Simulations” David Bilyeu, Ohio State Seminar
August 28 “An Improved Formulation for the Navier-Stokes Equations with Variable Viscosity” Christian Huettig, Hampton University Seminar
September 7 “Rubber to road, practicing MBSE as an empowered SE” Bjorn Cole, JPL SACD Seminar
September 9 “Nonlinear Multiscale Modeling: A Paradigm Shift in the Effective Engineering of Advanced Materials and Structures” Roger A. Assaker, eXstream Engineering Seminar
September 10 “A Paradigm Shift in the Effective & Efficient Engineering of Advanced Materials & Structures” Roger A. Assaker, eXstream Engineering Seminar
September 11 “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) Case Study” Steven M. Silwa, Insitu Seminar
September 11-12 “Robust Aeroservoelastic Stability Analysis (AIAA)” Rick lind, U. Florida; Martin Brenner, NASA Dryden Short Course
September 13 “Effective use of engineering simulation methods” Tim Morris, NEFEMS Seminar
September 14 “State-based implicit coordination for ellipsoidal conflict detection and resolution” Antonio France, U. Seville, Spain Seminar
September 17-20 “Introduction to Aeronautics (A Practical Aeronautics” Wayne Hallgren, Practical Aeronautics Short Course
September 18 “The Livermore National Laboratory Open Campus” Camille Bibeau, LLNL Seminar
September 20 “Formalization of Rigorous Polynomial Approximation” Erik Martin-Dorel, University of Perpignan, France Seminar
September 25 “Software R&D Demonstration of Firehole Composites” Emmett Nelson, Firehole Composites Seminar
September 28 “The architecture based technology evaluation and capability tradeoff method formulation and initial application” Kelly Griedling, Georgia Tech SACD Seminar
October 4 “Brain Computer Interface (BCI)” Workshop
October 4 “Easy and Effective Solutions for Making Sure Your Presentations Succeed” Becky Jaramillo & Sharon Bowers, NIA Seminar
October 4 “An Introduction to Stochastic Analytics” Chris Jermaine, Rice University SACD Seminar
October 5 “Opportunities of Analytics and Big Data” Diego Klabjan, Northwestern University SACD Seminar
October 12 “A ‘System of Systems’ Perspective to Engineering Design” Achille Messac, Syracuse University SACD Seminar
October 19 “Positivity-Presercing High Order Schemes for Convection Dominated Equations” Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University CFD Seminar
October 19 “Toward Derivation, Management, and Analysis of Exascale Feature Sets” Joel Saltz, Emory University SACD Seminar
October 23 “Computing Fluid Flow with Moving Interfaces” Jin Wang, Old Dominion University CFD Seminar
October 25 “Translaminar Fracture Toughness Testing Methods for Composite Materials” Matthew J. Laffan, Imperial College, London Seminar
November 1 “The Role of NASA in the 21st Century” Robert D. Braun, Georgia Tech Seminar
November 1 “Easy and Effective Solutions for Making Sure Your Presentations Succeed” Becky Jaramillo & Sharon Bowers, NIA Seminar
November 2 “Individual-based Models and Global Climate Change: Or If You Don’t Understand Russian Forests, You Don’t Understand Global Change” Herman H. Shugart, University of Virginia Seminar
November 5 “New Avenues for Functional Composites and Nanoscale Sensors” Henry Sadano, HARP Engineering Seminar
November 6 “Numerical Simulations of Passive and Active Nematic Polymer Suspensions Using Kinetic Model” Ruhai Zhou, Old Dominion University CFD Seminar
November 8 “Shape and Sensing of Multilayered Composite and Sandwich Structures Using an Inverse Finite Element Method” Priscilla Ceracchio, Politecnico di Torino Seminar
November 14 “Crash Simulation at RECARO Aircraft Seating Aiming at Certification Analysis” Dipl-Ing. Dirk Goetze, University of Stuttgart Seminar
November 16 “Complexity in Airspace and Aerospace Contexts” Natalia Alexandrov, NASA SACD Seminar
November 20 “Overview of the Multigrid Scheme in the DLR TAU-Code” Axel Schwoppe, German Aerospace Center CFD Seminar
November 27 “Environmentally Responsible Aviation – Technology Development to Mitigate the Environmental Impacts of Aviation” Fayette Collier, NASA Seminar
November 29 “Clean Energy Project Analysis” Workshop
December 4 “Divergence Formulation of Source Term” Hiroaki Nishikawa, NIA CFD Seminar
December 5 “Easy and Effective Solutions for Making Sure Your Presentations Succeed” Becky Jaramillo & Sharon Bowers, NIA Seminar
December 6 “Opportunities for Next Generation Aircraft Enabled by Revolutionary Materials” Charlie Harris, NASA Seminar
December 10 “Life of Mars! Killer Asteroids! Germs From Space! Challenges in Communicating the Complexities of Astrobiology Research, Near-Earth Object Studies, and Planetary Protection” Linda Billings, NIA Seminar
December 18 “First, Second, and Third Order Finite-Volume Schemes for Diffusion” Hiroaki Nishikawa, NIA CFD Seminar

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