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2013 Seminars

2013 Seminars

January 16 2013 “An Agent-based Modeling and Simulation of Mobile Ad hoc Networks” Jules Chenou, North Carolina A&T Seminar
January 17 “A decade of Human space Exploration Mission Design – Back to the Future” Patrick Troutman, NASA Seminar
January 22 “The Level Set Method Applied to Structural Topology Optimization” Peter Dunning, NIA CFD Seminar
February 1 “Neuromorphic Solutions for Autonomy in Land and Aerial Vehicles” Massimiliano Versace, Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, Tim Barnes, Boston University Seminar
February 19 “More Innovation Using SC/Tetra, The Innovative CFD Software” Yuya Ando, Cradle North America, Inc. CFD Seminar
February 20 “Atmospheric Radiotracers, Ozone and Particulate Matter at the WMO-GAW Station of t. Cimone (Italy)” Erika Brattich, University of Bologna Seminar
February 22 “NIA Graduate Student Research Review” GT, NC A&T, HU, UVA and ODU students Seminar
March 1 “NIA Graduate Student Research Review” NCSU, UVA, VT and UMD students Seminar
March 4-5 “AIAA Short Course: Modeling Flight Dynamics with Tensors” Peter Zipfel, University of Florida Short Course
March 5 “Study of Bioparticle Transport Using Lattice Boltzmann Method and Immersed Boundary Method” Yan Peng, Old Dominion University CFD Seminar
March 18-21 “Introduction to Aeronautics – A Practical Perspective” Wayne Hallgren, Practical Aeronautics Short Course
March 19 “Direct Numerical Simulation for Laminar-to-Turbulent Transition Prediction” Lian Duan, NIA CFD Seminar
March 26 “Synthesis of Functional Nanoscale Biodegradeable Polymers for Controlling/Studying Material Cell Interaction” Jereme Doss, Clark Atlanta University Seminar
March 27 “Durable Fluorinated Antimicrobial Polymers – A Step Towards Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections” Asima Chakravort, Virginia Commonwealth University Seminar
April 2 “Design of Optimal Explicit Runge-Kutta Schemes for the High-Order Spectral Difference Method” Mateo Parsani, NASA CFD Seminar
April 5 “Shape Morphing Composites: Shape the Future Structures” Jinsong Leng, Harbin Institute of Technology Seminar
April 8 “Technology Trends and Potential Opportunities for the NASA Mission” W. Keith Belvin, NASA Seminar
April 8 “Sustainable Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications of Meral Oxide Nanomaterials” Amanda L. Tiano, Stony Brook University Seminar
April 9 “Recent Developments for the Multigrid Scheme in the DLR TAU-Code” Dipl.-Ing. Axel Schwoppe, Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) CFD Seminar
April 16 “Adjoint-Based Optimization of Unsteady Turbulent Flows: Recent Avances and Current Challenges” Boris Diskin, NIA CFD Seminar
April 17 “Human Spaceflight: Up Close and Personal” Sivaram Arepalli & Jim VanLaak, NIA Seminar
April 26 “NIA Graduate Research Review” ODU, NCSU and UVA students Seminar
April 30 “Simulation of Stratified Turbulence Over the Coastal Shelf” Guillaume Martinat, Old Dominion University CFD Seminar
May 1-3 “CFD Vision 2030” Workshop
May 14 “Numerical Investigations on a Hot Jet in Cross Flow Using Scale-Resolving Simulations” Benjamin Duda, NASA CFD Seminar
May 20 “A Consistent Hybrid LES/RANS Framework with High-Order LES Solver on Cartesian” Heng Xiao, Virginia Tech CFD Seminar
May 24 “Mechanics of NDE Magnetostrictive Sensors in CFRP” Oliver Myers, University of Maryland Seminar
May 28 “A Reconstructed Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on a Hierarchical WENO Reconstruction for Compressible Flows on Hybrid Grids” Hong Luo, North Carolina State University CFD Seminar
June 11 “Improved Turbulence and Transition Modeling Methods for Industrial CFD Simulations” Shivaji Medida, University of Maryland CFD Seminar
June 27 “Springtime Ozone Enhancements in the Lower Troposphere Over Beijing: In Situ measurements and Model Analysis” Jiayue Huang, NIA Seminar
July 23-26 “Overview of Project Management and Systems Engineering” John Newcomb Short Course
August 1 “Big Data, Deep Analytics and Machine Intelligence” Shuiwang Ji, Old Dominion University CDT Seminar
August 5 “Hybrid PZT-Laser Vibrometry Sensing in Lamb Wave Based SHM” Lingyu Yu, University of South Carolina Seminar
August 13-14 “2013 Aero Sciences RCA NRA Review” Workshop
August 27 “Chaotic Adjoint: From Massive Linear Algebra to a Light-Weight Wrapper of Existing Solvers” Qiqi Wang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology CFD Seminar
September 10 “Non-Equilibrium Pressure Considerations in Modeling Viscous Rotating Flows” Robert Ash, Old Dominion University CFD Seminar
September 16 “Big Data, Deep Analytics and Machine Intelligence” Haesun Park, Georgia Tech CDT Seminar
September 16-19 “Introduction to Aeronautics – A Practical Perspective” Wayne Hallgren, Practical Aeronautics Short Course
September 23 “Big Data, Deep Analytics and Machine Intelligence” Krishna Rajan, Iowa State University CDT Seminar
September 26 “The Energetic Particle Precipitations on Planetary Atmospheres and Their Effects” Guillaume Gronoff, SSAI Seminar
November 13 “Big Data Mining Applications for Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Mobile Robot Situational Awareness” Mark Hinders, William & Mary CDT Seminar
November 21 “Applying Multidisciplinary Bio-Inspired Engineering Design, Smart Materials and Structures, and Fluid-Elastic Coupling to Create Novel Environmental Energy Harvesting Devices” Matthew Bryant, North Carolina State University Seminar
December 3 “Higher-Order Moments and Their Modeling Approximations in a Turbulent Channel Flow Subjected to Main Strain” Elbert Jeyapaul, NIA CFD Seminar
December 4 “Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials: From Mechanical Characterization to Multifunctional Nanocomposites” Yong Zhu, North Carolina State University Seminar
December 16 “Unmanned Aircraft Design, Development and Applications at Virginia Tech’s Unmanned Systems Lab” Kevin Kochersberger, Virginia Tech Seminar
December 17 “How a Serpentine Plasma Actuator Improves Control Authority of its Surrounding Air Flow” Subrata Roy, Mark Riherd, University of Florida, Gainesville Seminar

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