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10.7.14 Briscoe

7th NIA Big Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence Seminar:

Prof. Erica Briscoe and Research Scientist Jason Poovey, Georgia Tech Research Institute
October 7, 2014, 10:00 am, NASA Langley, Bldg 1268A, Rm 2120
Hosts: Manjula Ambur (NASA) and Lise Schioler (NIA)

This seminar will cover several areas, primarily focused on multi-disciplinary approaches to processing and deriving intelligence from a variety of information sources. We present how advances in high performance computing and natural language processing, especially as applied to ‘big data’ problems, are allowing researchers and practitioners to gain insight into both human behavior and scientific discovery. Included in the discussion will be the application of streaming graph analytics, clustering, and text classification. It will also discuss how this research is being applied within various domains, such as defense, scientific research, and marketing.

Dr. Erica Briscoe is a Senior Research Scientist and the Chief Scientist of the Aerospace, Transportation, & Advanced Systems Laboratory (ATAS) at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) in Atlanta, GA. Her research interests revolve around understanding and representing human behavior, often related to how that behavior interacts and can be understood through the use of technology. As chief scientist of the ATAS laboratory, she oversees multiple research lines, ranging from robotics to food safety to aerospace applications. Other personal research interests include systems modeling, visual and machine perception, the intersection of technology and policy, and human concept formation and categorization. Dr. Briscoe received a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, an MS degree in Information Systems from Drexel University, and an MS and PhD from Rutgers University in Cognitive Psychology.

Jason Poovey is a Research Scientist in the Innovative Computing Division of the Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory at Georgia Tech Research Institute. His expertise includes microarchitecture design and benchmark characterization in particular related to big data applications. He is also active in high performance computing, parallel computing, and getting the best performance from novel architectures Jason received his Masters in Computer Engineering in 2009 from North Carolina State University and his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering in 2007 also from NC State. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.



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