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2014 Meetings, Shortcourses and Workshops

2014 Meetings, Shortcourses and Workshops

January 31, 2014 –
AIAA Student Chapter Meeting:
Distributed Electric Propulsion: An Emerging Disruptive Technology for Aviation
by Mark Moore, NASA Langley Research Center

February 21, 2014 –
Workshop on Nanomaterials for Aerospace

February 28, 2014 –
AIAA Student Chapter Meeting:
From Myth to Reality – The Daedalus Human Powered Aircraft by Juan R. Cruz, NASA

March 28, 2014 –
Graduate Student Research Review:

  • Development of an In-Situ Load System by Ken Toro, Old Dominion University
  • A Priori Analysis of Flamelet-Based Modeling For a Dual-Mode Scramjet Combustor by Jesse Quinlan, University of Virginia
  • A Contactless Laser-based Automatic Non-Destructive-Evaluation (CLA-NDE) System at NIA for Damage Detection in Advanced Composites, a Preliminary Study by Donato Girolamo, North Carolina State University
  • Characterization of Lamb Wave Dispersion and Damage Detection in Composites Using Air-Coupled Ultrasound and Laser Vibrometry by Mohammad Harb, North Carolina State University
  • A Non-Equilibrium Based Constitutive Model for Soft Composites by Brian Stewart, Virginia Tech
  • Metamaterials for High Resolution 2-D Microwave Imaging by Duncan McGillivray, University of Virginia
  • Surface Emissivity Control via Tungsten Nanotextures by Craig Ungaro, University of Virginia
  • Feasibility of Propellant Depots by Patrick Chai, University of Virginia

April 11, 2014 –
Graduate Student Research Review:

  • Spectral Selective Surfaces by Laser Sintering of Tungsten Nanoparticles by Ankit Shah, University of Virginia
  • Quantum Dot Nanocomposites for Solar Engery Harvesting by Dennis Waldron, University of Virginia
  • Passive Wing Morphing for Ornithopters Design, Evaluation and Modeling by Aimy Wissa, University of Maryland
  • Characterization and Energy Harvesting of a Micro Turbojet for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles by Jose Mondragon, University of Maryland
  • Small Satelite Design Using the Reliable and Formal Design Process: System Tools by Solomon Gebreyohannes, North Carolina A&T
  • The Study of Melamine Foam and Acoustic Liners on Sound Attenuation by Kelsey Mitchell, Virginia Tech
  • Synthesis of Rotorcraft Noise From Flyover Data by Jonathan Hardwick, Virginia Tech
  • Methodology for Lightweight Design of Stiffened Skin in Advanced Aerospace Structures by August Noevere, Georgia Tech

April 14–17, 2014 –
Short Course: Introduction to Aeronautics – A Practical Perspective by Wayne Hallgren, Practical Aeronautics

June 27, 2014 –
AIAA Student Meeting: Reconstruction of Entry, Descent and Landing Trajectories Using Vehicle Aerodynamics by Prasad Kutty and Christopher Jones, Georgia Tech

July 24, 2014 –
AIAA Student Chapter Meeting:

  • Metamaterials for Microwave Imagining and Solar Luminescent Concentrators Using Quantum Dots by Keith Belvin, NASA Langley Research Center, Duncan McGillivray, NIA and Dennis Waldron, III, NIA
  • CubeSat Mission Implementation – Lessons Learned and New Visions by Artur Scholz, NCKU

August 28, 2014 –
AIAA Student Chapter Meeting:

  • Aerodynamic Analyses of Multi-Mission Earth Entry Vehicles by Lou Glaab, NASA Langley Research Center
  • Adjoint-Based Error Estimation for Hypersonic and Reacting Gas Flows by Kyle Thompson, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University and LARSS Intern
  • High Order Finite Element Methods for 3-D Navier-Stokes Equations by Megan Frisbey, PhD Candidate, North Carolina State University

September 2-5, 2014 –
Innovative Project Management and Systems Engineering Short Course by John Newcomb, Scientific Management, Inc. & NASA (retired)

October 8-9, 2014 –
Autonomy Incubator Short Course Series: Adaptive Controls by Naira Hovakimyam, iRACE

November 5-6, 2014 –
Autonomy Incubator Short Course Series: Introduction to the Kalman Filter by Gregory Welch, University of Central Florida

December 5, 2014 –
AIAA Student Chapter Meeting:

  • TBD by Noah Schiller, NASA Langley Research Center, Structural Acoustics Branch
  • Broadband Sound Attenuation Using Active Control Strategies by Jacob Bean, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech
  • Interferometric Spectral Filtering for High Spectral Resolution Lidar by Shane Seaman, Graduate Research Assistant, Virginia Tech

December 8-9, 2014 –
Autonomy Incubator Short Course Series: Topics in Autonomous Systems by Dr. Stephen Balakirsky and Dr. Mick West, Georgia Tech Research Institute





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