Martin L. Drews Memorial Scholarship


The Martin L. Drews Memorial Scholarship is a $500 supplemental scholarship for an NIA Graduate Student. Established in memory of Martin L. Drews, the scholarship recognizes Martin’s keen interest in space exploration and is funded by the Drews family. The Scholarship is awarded in May of each year. The funds may be used for educational purposes consisting of purchasing books, conference travel and research equipment including computer hardware and software.


There is an annual luncheon for the student recipient, his/her advisor and/or his/her mentor, his/her spouse or significant other, with senior NIA executives and with prior scholarship award winners. 



To be eligible, the student must be a full-time graduate student at one of the NIA universities, with research performed at NIA or NASA LaRC during the Spring semester.  Furthermore, the student should have the intention to spend the following academic year in that same capacity.  He/she should be involved in research related to the exploration of space. 


To Apply:

To apply the student is required to submit a two-page narrative which contains:

1) a description of current research and its importance to space exploration;

2) his/her future career goals; and

3) a brief description of how the money will be spent.

Additionally, the student should attach a copy of his/her resume and an “unofficial” transcript of his/her graduate grades.



2008    Brett Bathel, Ph.D. candidate, University of Virginia

2009    Dale Arney, Ph.D. candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology

2010     Eric Faierson, Ph.D. candidate, Virginia Tech

2011     Alexander Brown, Ph.D. candidate, University of Maryland

2012     Ankit Shah, Ph.D. candidate, University of Virginia

2013     Duncan McGillivray, Ph.D. candidate, University of Virginia

2014     Shane Seaman, Ph.D. candidate, Virginia Tech

2015      Duminda Kankanamge, PhD candidate, Hampton University




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