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Broadcasts & Programs

 360logo NASA 360™: a premiere NASA outreach program that brings you the latest in NASA science, engineering and aeronautics. NASA 360 is hosted on and other broadcast platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. NASA 360 is presented in three video formats: (1) traditional full length 30 minute broadcast; (2) NASA 360 PRESENTS, 3-5 minute videos focusing on a single topic; and (3) NASA 360 TALKS, 1-3 minute videos that inform the public about leading-edge research presented at national conferences, events and workshops.
 innovationnowlogo Innovation Now™: a series of radio and podcast episodes developed in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center and launched in Sept. 2011. NIA produces and distributes ~260 radio segments annually. The 90-second interstitials are designed to promote advocacy for NASA research and technology programs while communicating the societal impact of NASA technology investments. Innovation Now episodes air Monday-Friday through public radio partner WHRO/WHRV.
finding-life-beyond-earth-vi  Finding Life Beyond Earth: NOVA documentary produced in collaboration with National Public Radio WGBH and the NASA Planetary Science Division. FLBE is a comprehensive program that includes film, engagement and learning resources developed for the award-wining Teachers Domain website, a national series of Science Cafes, and live web broadcasts.





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