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Harla Sherwood
Director, Communications and Partnerships

Interactive Engagements

NASA Exploration Design Challenge: learning and challenge activities tied to the Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) of the Orion spacecraft scheduled for 2014. NASA EDC is an opportunity for students to chart their journey to deep space by tackling one of the major challenges of long-duration exploration – the dangers associated with radiation and the need to protect our astronauts as they venture to places never before attempted by human beings.

NASA @Home & City: an interactive website developed in collaboration with Woodpile Studios. This Webby award-winning site provides a virtual tour of NASA-related science in our homes and cities and allows visitors to “trace space back to you.”

• Space Shuttle Tour: through an immersive educational experience set within a 50-foot geodesic dome, public visitors in Washington DC, New York City and Los Angeles were invited to virtually explore the new frontiers of deep space and the expansion of the space exploration program.



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