Awards – 2010

Awards – 2010

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52nd Capital Regional Emmy National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Scott Bednar & Tom Shortridge “For NASA Launchpad episode entitled ” Bernoulli’s Principle.”
Henry J.E. Reid Award – 1st Place NASA Langley Research Center Drs. Cheol Park, Godfrey Sauti and Kris Wise “For the paper entitled, “Aligned-Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Polymer Composites Using an Electric Field’.”
Henry J.E. Reid – 3rd Place NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Kenneth Sutton “For the paper entitled: ‘Non-Boltzmann Modeling for Air Shock-Layer Radiation at Lunar-Return Conditions’.”
Richard T. Whitcomb & Paul F. Holloway Technology Transfer Award NASA Langley Research Center Roberta DiPasquale “For: ‘The Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource (POWER) Project Team’.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – LADDERS Advanced Development Project Team NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Edwin Fasanella “For Technical Excellence in Support of Orion LADDERS Testing and Analysis at the Landing Impact and Research Facility.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – 2-Micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Development Team NASA Langley Research Center Drs. Hyung R. Lee, Paul Petzar & Bo Trieu “Four Outstanding Contributions of the 2-Micron Coherent Doppler Wind Lidar Development Team for Enabling Technology Needed for Space Based Global Measurement of Winds.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – CALIPSO Laser Switchover Team NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Zhaoyan Liu “For Outstanding Achievements in Successfully Transitioning to the CALIPSO Backup Laser System.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – Composite Crew Module Team NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Michael Horne “For Achieving Excellence Through Design and Fabrication of a Full-Scale Composite Crew Module.”
NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal NASA Langley Research Center Dr. John Shaeffer “For Exceptional Technology Achievement and Development of a Matrix Compression Technique Which Dramatically Improves the Capabilities of Computational Electromagnetics Codes.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – NASA 360 Team  NASA Langley Research Center Harla Sherwood, Kevin Krigsvold, Mike Bibbo, Johnny Alonso & Jennifer Pulley “For Exceptional Achievement in Developing and Implementing NASA 360, a NASA Web-Based Video Outreach Program that Impacts the Nation and International Community.”
NASA Certificate of Appreciation NASA HQ Dr. Robert Lindberg “In Recognition of Contributions as a Featured Speaker to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Participatory Exploration Body of Knowledge.”
2010 Webby Award – Government Category   Harla Sherwood For NASA Home & City
2010 Best Research Publication Award National Institute of Aerospace Dr. Yi Lin  
NASA Group Achievement Award – Revolutionary Technology Development Team NASA Langley Research Center Drs. Brett A. Cooper, John F. Finger, Donald L. Sherman, Larry A. Ticatch, Leonard M. Weinstein “For Exceptional Technical Achievement and Outstanding Contributions to NASA and the Nation in the area of Revolutionary Technology Development for Advanced Aircraft.”
NASA Group Achievement Award – CEV TPS Advanced Development Project NASA Langley Research Center Dr. Kenneth Sutton “For Outstanding Work in Support of the CEV Project and for Developing the First Human-Rated Ablative Heatshield in 40 Years.”
Mentor Appreciation NASA Langley Research Center Drs. Jin Ho Kang, Mool Gupta and Roy Crooks and Kerry Christian “For Serving as a Mentor for the Student Programs this Summer.”



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