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David Throckmorton
Vice President of Research

James Closs
Director of Research Program Development

Carly Bosco
Director of NASA Langley Programs

Peter McHugh
Director of FAA Programs

Samantha Austin
Program Manager, Advanced Composites Consortium Integration

Research Overview

Research at NIA

The Research Department at NIA includes resident research staff, professors and students from member and non-member universities, as well as subcontractors and consultants. NIA conducts a broad range of engineering and scientific research sponsored by NASA, other government agencies, and the aerospace industry. This work is performed by resident scientists and engineers, graduate students, and subject matter experts in eleven principal areas of investigation spanning aeronautical and aerospace systems, materials and structures, computational sciences, space and atmospheric sciences, sensor systems and unmanned systems. In addition, research programs led by distinguished faculty in residence at NIA serve as the core of the Institute’s academic research program.

Through NIA’s University Research Program, faculty and students at our member universities collaborate with NASA researchers in fundamental investigations in aerospace, mechanical, electrical and systems engineering, materials science, applied mathematics and other related fields. NIA also collaborates with leading research institutions worldwide, including universities, government laboratories, industry, and other non-profit institutes to accomplish mutual research objectives.

NIA conducts applied research with and for the aerospace industry. These industry research programs are often collaborative, involving research staff, faculty, students and NASA colleagues. Through NIA, industry partners can gain access to NASA resources, including personnel, facilities and intellectual properties.



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