Wet Chemistry Laboratory

The Wet Chemistry Laboratories at the National Institute of Aerospace are multi-functional facilities that enable NIA researchers to perform classic laboratory activities, such as chemical reactions to synthesize materials and analytical qualitative and quantitative chemical manipulation. In addition to these activities, the labs provide a storage space for researchers to house equipment and items that produce toxic vapors or dust. Various classes of chemicals may be housed in these labs, with two full-size storage cabinets with both flammable and corrosive storage capability conveniently located under each fume hood. (Note, we only have ‘stand alone’ cabinets for flammable materials at this time.) Each lab is outfitted with spacious epoxy bench tops, and other conveniences, such as lab sinks, gooseneck faucets, numerous storage drawers, and under-counter storage spaces. Stand-alone safety showers and eyewash units are also available.

Compressed air, natural gas, and nitrogen are hard plumbed into the laboratories and accessibly via bench tops and hoods. These gases are also available from a ceiling unit, which allows access for equipment and other operations.  Chilled water (supply and return), and 480 v, 208 v and 120 v power sources are provided in each area for laboratory equipment.

Both laboratories house twelve state-of-the-art Hamilton SafeAire II Laboratory Fume Hoods. Each hood operates at constant velocity instead of constant volume ventilation to prevent expensive air conditioning and heat being pulled from the building. In compliance with ADA regulations, both laboratories feature lower countertops and fume hoods that are wheelchair accessible.

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