K-20 Educational Outreach

K-20 Educational Outreach and Programs

NIA’s team of STEM education specialists, Educators-in-Residence, media specialists, and program managers deliver signature regional and national programs to advance STEM literacy and inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Award-winning educational outreach covers the continuum of education through programs that capture early fascination with science, technology, engineering, and math; feed that interest through the formative years; and share exciting discovery and innovation to audiences across the nation.

  • Educator training through pre-service and in-service professional learning experiences
  • K-12 student engagement through formal and nonformal integrative STEM learning programs
  • Teacher internships through local Educators-in-Residence programs
  • Development of web-based digital learning assets
  • Higher education and university student engagement through rigorous engineering challenges

Our Services Include

Kids exploring space technology through lego kit models


NIA’s Center for Integrative STEM Education focuses on the unique needs of the K-12 formal and nonformal STEM learning community.


NIA provides university level engineering design challenges, graduate level coursework in Integrative STEM Education, and Internship-Mentorship programming.

Program Director

Shelley Spears, Director of Educational Outreach and Programs


Contact shelley.spears@nianet.org
(757) 325-6732.